Totally Scripted (18): Suppress Your Emotions, but not really

Totally Scripted (18): Suppress Your Emotions, but not really:

Stuff happens in Akashic Records, Huzzah! But more importantly, where can I find all the beach/pool/hot springs episodes, and arcs in anime? Attack on Titan? No. On AoT we get Lounging Titans, scream fests in trees, and ERIN COMPLETELY FAILING TO SUPPRESS HIS EMOTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! With that said… What Should Erin Do?

Totally Scripted (16): This Has Been a Reveal

Totally Scripted (16): This Has Been a Reveal

Snow doesn’t want to talk about Attack on Titan, and doesnt remember who Hannes is and the fact that he’s been in the show since episode 1. Then we talk about Ymir, and the delivery of the reveal that happened in the episode. Also due to Ren refrencing a million things every time, he wanted to make a list of all the things he references for anyone who is curious.

Ren’s Refrences:

Lambchop – Song That Does Not End
Reading Rin’s Route
It Was Deliberate
The Power of Love
Big Order
Death Note/O Fortuna
SAO Abridged Sword Game
New Rin