Getting Started

To start a blog, you must write. To write, you must slam your head on the desk repeatedly til ideas spew forth from your mind and manifest themselves as words, and from there you reorganize those words into coherent sentences and paragraphs, or something.

But really, we’re still figuring things out, slowly, very slowly. So slow it appears as if we’re not doing anything at all, but I promise you this is not the case, just like this rock we are moving onward.

"Moving" Rock

Glorious Movement, isn’t it?

So like the rock, we move on with this very first post, indicating life, the life of such magnificent creatures, as that pure pictured specimen of rock, or as others might call it, The Stone. We aspire to endure like the stone, and continue with this idea, and write, write like the lunatics that we all are, to be as entertaining as a Rock.

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