A Matter of Subjects

So here’s an update, or something: don’t eat 2 day old pizza at midnight, you’ll regret it in the morning as your stomach eats itself, and your rancid breath slaughters everyone’s sense of smell. Oh, wait maybe that’s common knowledge?

OK, so that’s not the update. Sorry, I know that the topic of late night “snacks” are a big one, but for the moment, there are more pressing things to write about. Such as, the contents of this blog. Yeah, that’s a thing I overlooked in the first post. What a moron, right? But in my defense, that’s one beautiful specimen of rock, like my god, it’s the most beautiful rock in the world, ever. I’m surprised you don’t have to pay a fortune just to see it.

Anyhow let’s get back on track, I’ve taken this off the rails for much to long. Here at Strictly Ridiculous we’ll touch on topics such as… ha, “touch”, more like rub our faces all over the topics of video games, anime, puking, manga, and, music. This is just off the top of my head, I’m sure there will be more… probably… maybe… possibly… likely… something. Yeah, this is going to be a geek-out blog, where you’ll hear about the tiniest little thing being nit-picked on, even though we thoroughly enjoy it, that’s right no blindly loving things here… for the most part… hopefully? Can’t say for sure…

So, I covered what I wanted to cover, now how do I end this? Let’s see… Oh right, I have a rumbly in my tummy and there have been 5 casualties due to Rancid Breath. I capitalized “Rancid Breath” because it sounds like it’d be a cool title for a poem or song. Someone make it happen, please. Also important, that rock is still gorgeous.

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