The Cheetos Fuhrer

Hitler was alone in his office, dealing with the stress of the success of the allied invasion (D-day). He was on edge, and felt the need to calm down, even if just a little, so he reached for the lower drawer on his desk, opened it to reveal his stash of snacks. It wasn’t quite impressive in variety, but it was indeed impressive in number. What were they? Flaming Hot Cheetos, his only source of relief, and greatest joy, he especially loved licking his finger after munching away a bag or two. Thus he opened the bag, and as he reached in the bag he thought to himself, “I’ll take a Cheetos, and EAT”. Thing is, this bag was special and had a special prize, and that prize was a death note*. Hitler knew what it was immediately as Death Note was his favorite anime and he had seen it countless times. He then proceeded to write down the names of all his enemies, and that was that. Hitler won. All thanks to his favorite snack, Flaming Hot Cheetos. So on that day he made his most favorite snack available for all to enjoy. Well except for Grawitz of course, none for him.

“Heil Cheetos Fuhrer of The Cheetos Reich!”

I’m not Sorry.
* The Death Note is a black notebook which, in short, can kill anyone who’s name is written in it.

“Story” inspired by: 

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