Racing Minds

I hope with the title you visualized two brains running on a track, neck to neck, and as they near the finish, they stretch out their tiny wobbly brain arms grasping for the finish line.

As they near the finish though, your vision blurs and everything’s become white in a flash of light. All that’s left is you wondering, “what good is this imagery?”

I’ll tell you right now what good it is, it’s nonsense and next to no benefit at all, and now you have the folly of racing brains in mind, and if not, then more power to you, all the power, like when He-man get’s the power. That’s you right now, you have the power now go be your amazing self. To those of you who.did visualize, worry not, you don’t need the power, you had the power to begin with, and if you got the power again, then the world would have ended from over abundance of amazingness.

You Have the Power!

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