FigView: Black Rock Shooter

I once told myself I’d do this one day, some day, eventually… and well, here we are calling it “FigView” like some kind of bad pun. Oh wait… that’s exactly what it is? Huh, go figure.

Puns aside, for our first FigView I’ll be looking at the now 6 year old original Black Rock Shooter Figma, which I myself have owned for about a year now… Late to the party? Heck yes I am, and that’s not going to stop me, because this definitely won’t be the only one that’s late to the party, I promise you that much. So with that said, here we go~

IMG_0152As you can see BRS (Black Rock Shooter) is usually sleeping and as such needs to be woken up before posing. Just kidding, she’s not sleeping, she’s dead. What happened? Well turns out the original BRS Figmas had a weak torso joint, that resulted in many Darth Maul style deaths much to the dismay of myself and many others before me, no doubt. But nevertheless, that’s why we have Super Glue. She may have lost flexibility and… pose-ibility, but at least she’s whole. That whole ordeal, initially made me think Figmas were a lot more fragile than I had thought, but turns out that wasn’t the case. In fact it seems Good Smile Company is cool and will in fact replace broken figure parts… if it’s no more than a year after it’s release, and so she remains broken… and used.

Yeah turns out I got a used one, even though I had clearly bought a New one on Amazon, needless to say I never bought from that seller again, and am now thinking of replacing this Figma. So much for reviewing, I’m just ranting right now. But that’s ok, this is only the first episode and I need to give you guys some back story because reasons. It’s surprising that with this initial experience I continued buying figures really, but I digress. Actual review starts now, I hope.

Actual Review:

The original BRS figma is easily the worst one of the BRS figmas. It comes with a weak torso joint, the face looks sketchy, and her hair emulates Hatsune Miku to much for my taste. Her later Figma iterations are all better, and unless you need them all, like myself, I’d go with any of the others. With that said, that isn’t to say there aren’t pros. Being a Figma you can expect great detail for the size, and her design allows for good pose-ibility.

IMG_0171Pictured above are her Black Blade, Rock Cannon, two metal chains, 5 pairs of hands, 2 hair pieces, and 3 face plates. The Rock Canon itself comes out taller than the figure herself, and also has it’s own stand so as to support it’s weight for poses, such as the one on to the right… and not the one below, as you can see it was no joke about how big that thing is, and to be honest it’s a bit of a paint to get her to actually hold it, due to my particular Figma having loose wrists.


But from this picture, you can see that her coat is rather glossy, depending on your preference you may or may not like this, I enjoy it, but don’t think she’d be losing anything if it were not glossy. Speaking of the picture, you can see that she’s actually standing leaning a bit forward, that would be because she’s quite a bit heavier towards the back, undoubtedly due to the jacket and hair parts. What this means is that shes a bit of a bother to balance or pose without using the stand, but it is manageable.

Note about the hair, particularly the left tail, is that it does bend forward a bit, and can get in the way in a  slightly annoying fashion, but this is a simple nitpick really, not a problem.

IMG_0230Here she is from the back, showing off the nicely detailed curves on the jacket, all the gloss, and of course the Star, which in fact right below it is where the stand would go. All in all, a nicely done figure, not my favorite, but definitely not bad, even if her face does bug the heck out of me, at least it still looks good in certain angles. Just look at the first picture on this post, she looks perfectly fine. With that I’ll see you next time on the next outdated FigView.

IMG_0239PS: The black paint can rub off, as you can see on her left leg. Sorry, forgot about it. 

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