FigView: Dead Master

So it’s been about a week since my BRS FigView, so now it’s Dead Masters turn! See what I did there? I used an exclamation mark to distract you from the fact that it’s actually approaching three weeks since then. What was that? It’s not quite a distraction if I spill the beans right after? Oh, well… LOOK A NEW PARAGRAPH!
Something something something Dead Master. Something something something PICTURE. Something something something Dark Side. Something something something, get on with it already.

So to the right we have Dead Master and her two… skull weapons. As you can see, they come with their own stands, and you can open and close their mouths, and if you’re hoping they can “Shoop da Woop, I’M A’ FIRIN MAH LAZER!!” then you won’t be disappointed… assuming you have a great imagination, or some kind of video/picture editing skills. If you have neither then you’ll find your self disappointed. Sorry about that.

Before you ask, yes this is keeping up with my Late-to-the-Party Figviews, and just like BRS, this Dead Master Figma is about 6 years old. I say about because I’m rounding, I don’t have time to look at the months and give the age some thought. Actually I do, I’m just lazy, but that’s neither here nor there, the Below is though.


Dead Master comes with a Total of 2 face plates, a normal expression, and a… tongue sticking out one, and to be honest it’s actually pretty cute while also being my preferred one, as the normal one is a bit bland. Of course she comes with hand options, making a total of 5 pairs of hands, one of which which is not pictured here. Lastly she also comes with the afore mentioned Skulls, and of course the most important accessory, her weapon the Death Scythe. I would have never guess the name of the scythe, seriously.
Her horns don’t come off. I figured I’d throw that in somewhere before going on, just in case you were wondering. Well I guess they could come off, if you broke them off, but that doesn’t really count now does it? But hey at least she can stand on her own… with careful balancing. That being said, she’s plenty pose-able, but her pose-ability suffers due to her skirt not being flexible at all. Not a big problem as it’s nothing big… unlike a certain future rendition. Speaking of skirt, what is it about the whole short skirt, legging combo that’s so cute? I don’t understand, someone explain this to me, and then you add that random ribbon there? Yeah, I really like her design, horns, wings, bony hands, and all. Glad you noticed.

IMG_0297Now for some nit-picking, because nothing’s perfect. While she does not suffer from BRStorsojointitus, when you move it back enough, (enough being not very much) a gap between the parts very clearly shows itself, it’s not a huge issue, but this has been done better before, what happened here? a smaller issue, to me at least, are her lower legs, which feel like they curve in a bit to much, as when you have her standing straight up, her legs look almost bird like. Almost, but not quite. So that’s enough of that, because that’s about it. Her face doesn’t bug the hell out of me, and she’s not broken. Also I learned that pose-ability is a word, and last time I was simply misspelling it as Pose-ibility, like a moron. Go figure.

Ok that pun is old already, I’ll stop, you won’t see it next time I promise.

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