FigView: Black Gold Saw

Would you look at that, it’s been a week, and there’s another FigView up. Yay me for not procrastinating… You know when you get excited about not being  lazy, then… well it’s nothing to be proud of now, is it? Talk about showing everyone your disgraceful ways, and then embarrassing yourself by pointing out the disgracefulness. So why am I writing this again? Oh right, Black Gold Saw Figma, almost forgot.

I’m gonna go ahead and start off by jumping into the negatives, thanks to that negative start. After all, two negatives make a positive, right? Maybe in multiplication, but this is writing, and technically we’re adding another paragraph, so if you add two negatives you get a… a… bigger negative? Or would I say smaller negative? OR! Stop. Stop. Stop right there, you’re getting sidetracked.

IMG_0316So about those negatives, Black Gold Saw has a giant sword, while that in itself is not a negative, it becomes a negative when trying to pose her, as her hands tend to have trouble carrying the swords weight, causing them to fall off. So if you happen to get a Figma of her that has loose hand joints then you’re doubly screwed, and you’re also in the same party I’m in. Now this might be able to be fixed if you tighten the joints by using rubber cement, but don’t take it from me, I’m lazy and forgetful, so I haven’t tried myself yet.

Now with that out of the way… two more negatives. First off… Second Off, her jacket tends to collect dust, and the white paint on it seems to be easily rubbed off, as you can see on mine. Makes me want to cry, so much. Oh, boo-hoo she gets dusty just like anything else, just clean her up with some water or something, right? I did, thing is she retains it, either that or I replaced the dust with paper towel bits, cause that’s what I used… don’t have any cue tips… Should’ve cleaned her better. LASTLY, she is very difficult to pose on her own, due to the shape of her feet, and being back heavy due to her hair parts. So those are the reasons this weeks picture’s are boring… I mean those are my main quips with the Black Gold Saw Figma.


Black Gold Saw comes with 3 face plates, 4 pairs of hands, and the King Saw. This time everything is pictured, unlike last time with Dead Master. See? I Remembered to take the hands on the actual figure this time. With the negatives covered, and the accessories and options pictured, there’s only one thing to do: gush.

IMG_0314Omg, BGS is like the best figma ever, and like I totally recommend, even though she can’t hold her own sword, but like the leg armor is amazing, because it totally does a wizard job at hiding the leg joints, and like she’s amazing man, because her thematic colors just so happens to be my favorite color, and like…

If you’re still alive after that “paragraph” kudos to you. What I was saying is that her leg armor does a good job at hiding the leg joints, and generally look fantastic. Speaking of fantastic, her sword is fantastic, if also weighty. She has great pose-ability, though her arms may find resistance to the rubber part of her jacket, and her hair might get in the way sometimes, but generally nothing that REALLY obstructs the… poseobilities?

Point is, I like Black Gold Saw’s design, I like the hint of red, just as the previous had a hint of blue and green on them. I like that the King Saw, and her leg armor has battle damage, or wear and tear on them, and I like her face, unlike a certain other figmas… I just can’t let it go can I? Her hands aren’t as maneuverable as the previous two, considering they’re huge and don’t have that wrist joint, but they work well enough. The way her bangs go to the left slightly is a bit eh, but not a big deal. Rubbery jacket likes to collect dust, and she has trouble holding her own sword, but when you get her to hold it, shes looks fantastic. So that about sums it up more or less, now I can go eat and sleep. Seee yaaa……

Ok, fine I’ll address it  Admittedly that “poseobilities” pun was a stretch as I tend to use pose-ability all over the place, now I’m trying to combine pose and possibility… Didn’t I do that already? I don’t know. Guess I’ll go… uh, not figure it out?  I’ll see you next time with the Strength of an Ogre… or something. Bye.IMG_0307I totally kept my promise, ok? ok.

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