FigView: Strength

Have you ever felt weak in the arms? Have you ever not been able to lift something up? Have your punches ever had little to no impact on your target? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then what you need is an arm upgrade! Now before you pull up the Googles, asking just how exactly do you get your arms upgraded, stop right there, for the answer lies ahead.

IMG_0337OGRE ARMS. That’s right folks, Orge Arms; the newest in weapons… err.. day-to-day life technology, to help with your common household chores and then some! Get rid of that fatigue in your arms! Never again will you have to look weak in front of people when you can’t pick up a boulder. Gone are the days where your punches go unnoticed, and now begins the days where your punches EVISCERATE everything in their path. That’s right people, feel like you need a new pair of arms? GET OGRE ARMS TODAY.


So how about them Orge Arms, eh? Can’t believe something that destructive is being sold so accessibly… Oh, what was that? That wasn’t real? This is actually a review of the Strength Figma? (Nearing 5 years since release.) Oh. So Strength comes with well her arms, and then those things we call Ogre Arms, 2 face plates, 4 pairs of hands, and 2 pairs of sticks so you can pose the arms without them falling, which you can manage without… that’s what those black things below are.

Strength has great pose-ability, and tends to look awesome with her not-normal-arms on. You don’t even have to try posing her with them, jut put them on her, and you’re she’s good to go. Ready to look BA and then some. In fact Strength basically speaks for herself so here’s just a mass of pictures.

IMG_0327A happy Ogre Arms customer~IMG_0349

Ok so that wasn’t exactly a mass, but it was two in a row, which I’ve never done before, I think. Moving on, let’s talk about the details. I’m sure some of you may have noticed the wear and tear on her Ogre Arms, those aren’t wear and tear, that’s painted on battle damage, just like the other BRS OVA figma have on their weapons. Yay, consistency. Speaking of which, as you can see above the fingers on her Ogre Arms are articulated, so you can bend them at will to your pleasure… just not horizontally or anything, because reasons that involve breaking. Moving on from her weaponized arms, we have her hood. It is removable, thanks for wondering, it only requires some temporary decapitation. I wouldn’t take it off as without it she looks a bit weird, and by weird I mean she looks neck-less.

IMG_0357All in all, love Strength, love the arms, love the hood. Great quality. Tails i kind of just there, chilling out, inconsequential. Get Ogre Arms today, upgrade your life, and destroy your enemies.  Next time, I’ll do two in one, but before that I’ll write up a review of the Black Rock Shooter OVA since with Strength, that’s just about all the Original Figmas for the BRS line. Bye~

Vi from League of Legends is also a Ogre Arms customer. Just saying.


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