Delicious Ethnic Babies

So, some guy started talking to me on the message boards..



Putting the mmmoooveess on ya?

You know what’s funny?

Stop acting so girly.


I can’t!

I AM a girl!




Can I quote you on that?


Go for it.

But anywho

*** Ren Rusyn goes to make a blog post. ***

Dear Lord..


The funny thing is they’re from Germany.

Sorry, I forgot what we’re talking about.

Who is?

Why do I keep getting involved with Germans?

Clearly, you have a thing for them.

You want delicious Germanic ethnic babies.

I dunno about that…

Not … that Germans are particularly attractive in my book…

Maybe Icelandic…

Mmmm… Pasty whites!



Well, I say that..

Meanwhile, I’m sitting here without a clue.



And yet, there are some bbeaautiful~ pasty red heads from Ireland

And at least one good joke in that!

This conversation is getting too 3D for me

Can I quote you on THAT?!

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