GameView: Megatagmension Blanc + Neptune vs Zombies

Megatagmension Blanc + Neptune vs Zombies
Megatagmension Blanc + Neptune vs Zombies, the newest entry in the Neptunia series is an action title akin to the Warriors series of games for the PlayStation Vita, and is pretty much the spiritual successor to Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed, so how does it do in comparison?  It took the action, and ramped it up by -1. This isn’t a bad thing.So it’s slower. So what? It’s not by much, you can still take your favorite character and stomp all the DQNs like the dirt under your feet. Now when I say it’s slower, it’s not that everything moves slower, but rather there’s a bit more delay after your attacks meaning you’ll be prone to leaving yourself open to attack more often. But fortunately for us they added the ability to guard, granted where you won’t really be using it against most regular mobs, you’ll definitely find it useful against bosses, specifically the ones in the Multiplayer Quests. Additionally they added items, and now have it set so you can take all 4 of your skills into battle, not to mention how they made both the EXE Drive and Lily Special much more satisfying to perform. They also put in 2 support characters (Compa, IF, and various monsters) that can heal you, increase your POW, DEF, or both, every minute or so. With that I believe I listed all the additions that will directly affect your game play; essentially it’s the same but with more options, and options are always nice. (They did remove the awkward costume breaking scenes though.)

Speaking of Options, we have a bigger roster this time around as they added Plutia, Peashy, Uzume, and TamSoft, along with their transformations of course. So new characters, what about the old ones? They’re all in, albeit their move sets have been altered a bit, but still feel about the same as they did in Action Unleashed, so that’s all good in my book, as some characters were straight up broken helicopters of death… looking at you Purple Sister. So we have a bigger cast, how about customization? Well you have your standard school outfits, but you can also unlock re-colors of it, as well as their normal outfits and their re-colors… not to mention the torn outfits for the cast that was in Action Unleashed if that’s your fancy.

2016-05-17-221213So we have the expected customization options, but how do we go about getting them? Well IF keeps track of treasures you collect in battle, these all come in the form of a console which has been fragmented in 5 parts, collect all 5 and you unlock outfits relating to what the treasure is. So while IF is doing that, where’s Compa at? She’s running an accessory shop because customizing appearances is very important so we have 5 slots for accessories, accessories which you can buy from her, this is also where you buy their various weapons, and items. Also there’ something to do with fusing items for things, but I haven’t messed around with enough to give a proper description, but basically fuse items to get buffs.

So what’s the story like? It’s amusing, its a Neptunia game, if you’ve played these games before, you know very well what to expect. Blanc and Neptune decide to shoot a zombie movie to save their school, and that’s the premise. To me at least, it’s more memorable than Action Unleashed, which I don’t even remember what the plot was, I feel like MegaTagmensions plot will stick with me longer, if only because the title will trigger the memory.

So that about wraps thing’s up, besides Multiplayer and some nitpicking…

MegaTagmension seems to have taken a hint of inspiration from the Monster Hunter series, as you advance through multiplayer through ranks (1-10), and as you go you unlock more and more missions divided into 5 categories (1★-5★) and of course it gets harder as you go along, and I have to say one of the bosses reminds me of Zinorge from the Monster Hunter series, so that helps this comparison a bit. Having more people in a group does ramp up the difficulty, but also increases the fun. Interestingly enough the game has multiplayer separated into servers being, Hyper Dimension, Ultra Dimension, Mega Dimension, Heart Dimension, and Zero Dimension; while this is cool, I feel this was unnecessary, and only adds to the hassle of finding a room to join, but what do I know about how much traffic this game was expected to get online?  But yes, the multiplayer operates under a room system, which you can name using preset words, lock under a password, put up a goal, the purpose of the room, restrict what rank players joining should be, what level quests you’ll be doing, and finally if view mode is activated or not. That’s right view mode is back, and easier to access than before (granted a bit more restrictive); simply hit down on the d-pad and screen shot for days, just make sure to breathe every once in a while.

2016-05-17-221539One of my favorite things about the multiplayer is the ability to chat with other players, via preset messages that are all voice acted by whatever character you’re playing, that proves to be amusing and is a very nice touch to the experience, while there’s plenty to say, I do wish there were more messages to send for the sake of courtesy, but hey when I can spam Black Hearts laugh, who am I to complain?

Oh did I say complain? Yeah I have a few, some levels are to big for the amount of enemies in them, making them feel slow, and underpopulated, generally more enemies would be an improvement, that and make them put up more of a fight. You know, I thought I had more to complain about, but nothing else is ringing a bell. Oh, I remembered. There are a few scenes, that are voiced in Japanese even if you have English selected, you won’t come across them in the single player story, but they are present, I’m not bugged by it at all, but I do find it worth mentioning because that was a bit strange. But yeah…

All in all, I feel MegaTagmension Black + Neptune vs Zombies is a mouthful to say and type solid improvement upon Action Unleashed, and a decent game on it’s own standing, there’s more things to do, there’s more events to see, there’s more customization to be done, and generally more Nepping to be done, and this time, you can Nep with your friends. If you enjoyed Action Unleashed you’ll most likely enjoy MegaTagmension Blanc+Neptune vs Zombies.


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