FigView: Takanashi Yomi

There are no hawks where little birds play, but there are figure reviews. This time we have a figma of Yomi Takanashi, originally released back in July 2007, which I bought rather reluctantly. Why? To complete the BRS collection; why else? So, how does Yomi hold up? Like a high school student with a phone, that’s how. What does that mean? No idea, but we’ll find out.

As you can see very clearly from that one picture, her arm joints are very apparent. This alone bugs me quite a bit. The thing is, it doesn’t end there. Her legs suffer the same fate, although not to the same degree. Aside from her limb joints, she looks alright, although nothing too special as she’s dressed in a high school uniform. That makes sense and serves its purpose, but we’ve seen this kind of outfit in many high school based anime.

IMG_0383Yomi comes with 5 pairs of hands. One permanently holds her cellphone, and another holds a detachable volleyball. She comes with 3 expressions: standard smiling, indifferent, and over joyed. She also comes with a pair of sports shoes, as well as a school bag. Basically, she’s all geared up for school and club activities. How diligent.

Seeing as she’s Dead Masters… “real world” counterpart, she shares the same designs when it comes to face and hair, that being the green hair, and hairstyle although you could argue it’s not as long, but you get the gist of it. Her faces are all well crafted and the best part of this figma. I can’t help that school uniforms bore me, even if they are cute. When it comes to figures, I’d like something more. Also, before you ask, no, Yomi’s and Dead Masters’ face plates are not interchangeable.

As I said before, this was a reluctant buy for me. I’m simply bored by it, even though I do like the character. To add to my already lukewarm opinion of it, the fact that the joints are far off from Max Factory’s usual quality just makes this figma a bit of a disappointment for me. I wouldn’t recommend her unless you’re a die hard fan of the series  and need to collect them all. Sorry Yomi, now stop looking at me like that.


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