FigView: Kuroi Mato

For this weeks FigView we have Kuroi Mato, the “real world” protagonist of the Black Rock Shooter OVA. If you read last weeks FigView then you should have a pretty good guess as to where this review is going. If you guessed: down a steep incline, then you wouldn’t be wrong. I promise you that.


Right from the get go, as it was with Yomi, her arm joints are VERY noticeable. I should cut them some slack, as it is hard to hide joints where it’s just skin. It’s less of a complaint that they’re noticeable, and more that it looks bad and draws your attention to the joints. But enough of her arms, how about her legs? About the same, maybe a little better, still annoying though.

IMG_0391Mato comes with 5 pairs of hands, and just as Yomi did, she has a hand permanently holding a cellphone, and one that can hold a basketball. A school bag that hangs from her shoulder is also included. She too comes with 2 pairs of shoes, although this time they come with their own joints, so instead of just pulling the shoes off her feet joints, you pull the joints off the leg. My guess is they changed this with Yomi to cut on production costs. Mato comes with 3 face plates, one standard smiling face, an overjoyed blushing, mouth open/eyes closed face, and a mischievous face looking off to the right (as pictured to the right).

Mato is in her school uniform, granted it’s modeled in such a way that optimizes action poses as motion is definitely implied, as evidenced by the way her shirt comes up a bit, and the way her skirt is modeled. It’s fine action pose or not, and don’t worry I won’t complain about school uniforms again. Once is enough.
Kuroi Mato was also a reluctant buy, but at least I don’t have that nagging feeling that I’m missing a BRS figma. It also helps that she’s not as bad as Yomis Figma, even if I’m not entirely sure as to why. Maybe it has to do with the more action-y model of her uniform? More expressive faces? Maybe I just like her character better? Or maybe it’s that the quality of her legs are better than Yomis… Before I start complaining again, I’ll end it here by saying she’s passable if you’re not a die-hard fan, otherwise she’s a bit disappointing, although somehow charming. It’s that mischievous face I tell you.

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