FigView: Purple Heart


For this weeks FigView, we’re breaking the streak of BRS Figmas, and reviewing the Purple Heart 1/7 scale figure by WING which was released on December of 2015. The art above is what the figure is based off of, so how does it hold up? Like a saddle, that’s how. Wait, why a saddle? Because that’s how she’s held up, she sits on saddle stand.

Not a bad recreation, not bad at all. Wouldn’t you say so? It comes as no surprise as she was in fact distributed by Good Smile Company, and when you see Good Smile Company, you can be sure you’re buying a quality figure. Now, quality is not equal to perfection, as you’ll see soon enough. But let’s start from the ground up.


Here we have her feet with her CPU processor parts equipped, as you can see the floaty bits are connected to her heels via translucent… connectors, and as they attach to both sides via ball joints, they are indeed adjustable, this applies to most of the processor parts if not all. The bit covering her toes can slip on like slippers, but by the instruction booklet you remove the soles, put her feet in, and then re-attach the soles. They are marked Right and Left, and are not (comfortably) interchangeable. Below are her feet without the processor parts equipped.


Here are her “Waist Link” processor parts, which connects to the support, and as you can see “floats” around her waist, these too are adjustable. You can turn each individual piece side-to side, or adjust the angle in which they face.



Behind the “Waist Link” parts of course, are her legs which faithfully recreate the hexagonal patterns found on her stockings. It is also here where we find our primary problem: black paint rubbing off on skin tones. Somehow when I first put her together, that small smudge of black got on her thigh, and has sat there mockingly since. It’s not huge, but it is noticeable, although entirely avoidable with care.

From the back we get a good view of her wings or “Back Unit” if you prefer. The translucent parts feel fragile, and as they make up most of the wings, you’ll want to handle them with care. As you can see the wings connect to an adjustable piece which then connects to the support. Thanks to the connecting piece, you can angle them back and forth while adjusting their positions individually. To note is that the wing pieces can be loose, and may be prone to falling off the connector. Next up is the torso.






From the front we see the rhombus shaped accessories on her hips, which are actually a bit reflective, and shiny. In between those we find her midriff, which is a bit more apparent than it was in the art, and then higher up we find her chest, which uses the same shinier black material used on the rhombuses earlier on. From the back, we find that her outfit exposes a bit of her back, while also having a very well defined spin. Finally, of course we have the D-pads on her sides reflecting on Neptunes usual D-Pad hair pins.



Higher up, we have her “Shoulder Unit” and “Head Unit.” The shoulder pieces, just like the feet are attached via translucent connectors that attach to her braids. Her head pieces on the other hand connect directly to her hair by a ball joint, and are moved however which way you want. The cool thing here is that if you don’t want to display the head gear, she comes with an alternate hair piece which you can swap out. What that does is remove the whole in her head meant for the head gear. Quite convenient, and a nice feature.



Finally we have her weapon, the Nep Sword of Nepping. Just kidding, it’s actually called the “Guardian Zero” according to Megatagmension, anyway. Point is it’s a huge techy looking katana, it’s beautifully painted and attaches to Purple Heart via two pegs that plug into her hand. There is also a support that attaches to the main support, that holds the sword in place while also relieving some of the weight put on the Purple Hearts hand.




Last but not least, we have her face, arguably the most important part for any figure, after all if the face isn’t right, is it really that character? Well if it’s advertised, and marketed as such then it probably is, but that’s beside the point. Purple Hearts face is fine, I love her mouth, and her nose is fine. But for some reason, something feels missing about her eyes. Maybe they look wider than they should be? Or maybe it’s the paint job? They just feel, lifeless. I mean the iris is spot on what with the “power” symbol… maybe that’s just it, instead of a normal iris, it’s a power sign, and maybe that just throws me off. It’s not that I don’t like it, it just that it feels off.


Ah well, here’s Purple Heart without any of her “processor parts” equipped, she looks quite a bit less intricate like this, but she still looks fantastic. If you’re a fan of the series and enjoy collecting figures, I do recommend this figure although it is a bit pricey starting at ¥17,800, but you know what? It was Nepping worth it~

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