FigView: Black Heart

Never fear Black Heart is here, but it’s not like she’s here to save YOU or anything. Now with that out of the way we can get on with this. Last week, we had Purple Heart, so for this week it’s only natural Black Heart should follow. So here we the have the Black Heart 1/7 scale figure by Alter, let’s see how she does.





Here she is straight out of the box, and attached to the base. She is connected to it by two pegs that protrude from the base, and attach to her foot. Already you may have noticed that her “Shoulder Units” and two of her wings are already attached. Make no attempt at removing them as they do not come off, or rather are not supposed to come off.



But you know what does come off? Her other four wings. They all individually attach to her hair by small transparent pegs, and never really feel like they’re secure. They are also annoying to attach, some more than others due to where they connect being obstructed by her hair. But when they’re finally on, you don’t have to worry about them anymore, so it’s not to big of a deal… unless you accidentally knock one off if you relocate her.




The processor parts on her feet are easily attached by a transparent peg, which you simply insert into the back of her feet. As for her “Waist Link” parts, you connect transparent pegs to the base, and then the part’s themselves on the pegs. In fact, it’s also what you do for her “Head Unit.” All three units are fast, simple, and easy to attach unlike her bothersome wings. Compared to Purple Heart, she’s easier to put together, but also less customizable, which is fine as her pose is more a lot more dynamic.



There she is with everything equipped, from all her processor parts, to that fantastically detailed sword of hers. Speaking of which, her sword holding hand likes to pop off at the lightest touch, much to my annoyance. I mean sure, I can display her with the optional hand that isn’t holding the sword, but I’d simply be missing out on the figure as a whole if I did that. Maybe I can solve this problem with rubber cement… but it’s not that it’s just falling off, it’s popping off as if it’s being squeezed out of the socket. It’s more than just a minor annoyance, but just like her wings, if you leave her alone, she should be fine.



Speaking of being fine, Black Hearts face is beautifully replicated in figure form. Her eyes are very well painted, and contrast well against her white hair. She has a slight blush on her cheeks which only works wonders for adding life to the figure. Her white hair is marvelous, and well done, so much so that it looks as if it would be soft to the touch. I have nothing but praise for the details on her face.


All in all, Black Heart has an exciting action pose, but hardly has any customization; granted as a scale figure, this is a near irrelevant point, and doesn’t hurt her at all. But she is a pain to put together, and keep together thanks to her wings and sword. This is made up by the level of detail, as it is fantastic and true to the character. If you’re a fan of the series, and the character I definitely recommend Alters 1/7 scale Black Heart.


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