The Lost Village – Review

Does life have you down? Nothing going your way? Do you feel as if the world is against you? Maybe you feel like you simply need to leave because there’s nowhere for you to go back to? Everyone turn their backs on you? I’m sorry about that, but what if I told you… You can start over? You can begin anew with a new identity, with no past even. Sound appealing? Then join us for the tour to Nanaki Village, where you can restart your life, and begin anew.

Lost Village

This Review contains Spoilers.

Let’s say you went on this tour to Nanaki Village, you now find yourself in a bus with other like minded people, most of them are strangers, with a few groups of friends scattered about. Running away for their own various reasons, there’s a cheery atmosphere, and everyone’s singing about a very Unlucky Hippopotamus. The bus ride in itself is all well and good, but once they arrive at the village itself, everything falls apart. After all, leaving your past behind and starting anew is nothing but a dream, a dream that for the cast of The Lost Village becomes a sort of inescapable nightmare. It’s amusing and ironic that those trying to escape their pasts, are ultimately confronted by it.

Lost Village cast

Mediocre, yet somehow Magical.

The story we’re told in The Lost Village, is one full of suspicion, accusations, and witch hunting. While we do get three central characters in which the biggest, and final conflict is built upon; The Lost Village also gives us time with a few of the others as they go about their own ways on dealing with the situation. With that said, The Lost Village has a rather large cast of 30 characters, most of which are there to fill the role of a mob. There are a few characters we get to see backstories of, some of which are important to the story, and some of which serves no real purpose other than wasting an episode or two on inconsequential characters. The majority of the characters are quick to jump to conclusions and accusations, while spewing forth hypocritical refuse when anyone defends the accused. Although the characters are weak, The Lost Village at least does a good job at portraying mob mentality, and as such it makes you want to to pull out all your hair at the stupidity of the crowd.

The Lost Village
is ruined by a lack of focus, and forgettable characters. This anime would have benefited from having less characters, and a simpler character driven plot that showed those fewer characters work towards finding out what the monsters are, realizing what they have to do, and then finally doing it; maybe even have a character not be able to do so, who knows? Instead we have someone break down, chase people on his huge monster, then get chased by it himself, then finally accept it… all in the last episode. Not to mention the build up to the sad excuse of a plot twist they gave us. So as to add insult to injury we’re also left to assume that the group that left was able to just accept their pasts without an issue, and… return to society without regret? Who knows. Ultimately The Lost Village, like quite a few shows this season had potential but falls short of it. But at least it ends as it started, with that strangely charming song about a Unlucky Hippopotamus, so I guess that’s a positive.

With that said, I actually enjoyed the series… somehow it managed to be magical, despite its severe mediocrity.

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