Space Patrol Luluco – Review

Space Patrol Luluco

Do you want and love copious amounts of insanity? Do you want to get away from the bonds of normalcy? If so strap yourself into a spaceship and transform into a gun because we’re going into space to fight some space crime, among other things! Space Patrol Luluco is a 8 minute anime series that has the same kind of crazy as Gurren Laggan, if not more, in less time. So with that said I’ll try to keep this review in a normal… 


Get your breakfast ready and high-five your dad, because today we’re meeting your NEW boss, Gurren Laggan, err, OVER JUSTICE. With that in mind act accordingly, and tell him you’re a goodie good and you’ll be a space cop in no time at all. Today is your first day in space patrol so get any idea of “living a normal life” out of your head and become the gun that pierces the heavens, err, I mean… shoots the things. Do you still want normal? Dream on. Now go begrudgingly fight the crime in your school, with your fellow space cops. Once you’ve done that, you can go tackle the universe. Good luck!

Fellow space cops? There’s a dreamy boy? Forget begrudgingly, being a space cop is the best, it’s the greatest job ever! Nova is so cool, and cool, and he never lies. Then there’s Midori, who’s green, and she made a black hole app thing that does stuff. We can’t forget Chief Over Justice (and his secretary) as he keeps himself together throughout the show.


Space Patrol Luluco is a short but highly enjoyable space adventure full of hilarity, and chaos. The plot is pretty straight forward, and is told through the ridiculous events that unfold in each episode. While I’d like to go into the story, this is a 8 minute anime series with only 13 episodes, so I can hardly do so without spoiling quite a bit. But I will say there are quite a few references that pop up here and there, though most of it is from Gurren Laggan. As for the plot, let’s just say it revolves around our title character, and her mission to woo Nova live a normal life. But for those 13 episodes Space Patrol Luluco takes on a wild and fun ride. In fact, you could say it’s so wild that… it takes you out of this world. heh. Now go watch it.

You're Under Arrest

…for that pun.

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