Anne-Happy – Review

Anne- Happy
Ah, yes… Anne-Happy, a cute-girl anime that revolves around a group of five unlucky friends. This is the anime where I unsurprisingly learned, I don’t care for the cute-girl genre. In fact, I only watched it because REN said he was going to watch it. You know what the best part is? Eight episodes in, I learn that he has not watched it since the first episode. Great. Fantastic. Being that I was eight episodes in into the show, I figured I’d begrudgingly finish it off. 

It’s not so much that Anne-Happy is some horrible thing to be avoided at all costs, it simply does not appeal to me. Sure, the friendship between the girls is charming. Sure, the amount of trouble Anne gets into with her unbelievably bad luck can be amusing. Sure, it’s amusing. But in the end, it all adds up to be this charming super happy cute show, about schoolgirls in some strange Happiness class that puts them though really strange situations for the sake of… finding their own happiness despite their bad luck? Thing is none of them seem to be particularly unhappy. Especially Anne, who is both the unluckiest, yet most cheerful of them all. Perhaps this seemingly pointless class and premise is was what put me off, who knows?

Hilariously enough, Anne isn’t even the main character. Filling that spot instead, is Hibari-chan, who is the most normal of the bunch, despite her crush on a construction sign mascot. Yes, you read that right. A construction sign mascot. Why? Because reasons. I don’t know. I don’t know anything anymore. I mean, there’s a cute robot rabbit in a tuxedo called Timothy and he eventually ends up singing a contagious rap song like he’s the hippest thing in town. I ACCEPT YOU TIMOTHY, EVEN IF NO ONE DOES, which I’m sure everybody does so, whatever.

Gold TimothySpeaking of which, Timothy is also in cahoots with the teacher, Kodaira who has some suspicious moments, and from time to time hints at some hidden backstory, or motivation. A hidden backstory, or motivation we never see or hear about. I mean if you want to do that, that’s fine. That’s ok. It’s not like that was one of the few things that kept me coming back or anything. After all it IS about the unlucky students anyway. I just wanted to see Botan bleed after someone pats her back anyway, after all it’s always a joy to see her expert self-aid in action. I just want to follow Hibiki as she gets lost chasing after her girl-crush Rin, who just wants to sleep all day everyday. It’s FINE. EVERYTHING IS FINE. No seriously, I don’t mind, just like how I don’t mind how the ending was inconclusive.

Right about now, you might be asking yourself if I’m being sarcastic or not. The answer is, I don’t know myself. I don’t know what I feel towards Anne-Happy. I’m just apathetic towards it, it’s nothing I’d hate, but not anything I’d like either. Well no, that’s not true, when I finished the show, I can say the feeling I felt, was a slightly positive one. So if I were give only two options of either liking Anne-Happy, or disliking it, I’d have to say I liked it. It’s not to surprising as Anne-Happy is bursting with happiness and bright colors. Plus we get the Timothy Rap, so what’s there to hate? With that said, give it a go if you like overly cute shows that focus on being cute and amusing. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go sing a song.

Ti Ti Ti Timo Timo Timo Ti~
I hate you Ren, I hate you so much right now.

2 thoughts on “Anne-Happy – Review

  1. It was too cute for me. I tried to watch a bit more of it after my first impressions and I just couldn’t. Besides, there are all these other new anime out to try out so watching something that wasn’t working for me didn’t seem like it was worth the effort.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    • I don’t blame you what with the Summer Season starting, I probally would have done the same thing, but I started when it first started airing, so I felt more or less an obligation to watch the rest. Thanks for the input.

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