Seasons End: Spring 2016

Spring 2016 Season
With the Spring Season over, what comes next? Naturally, the Summer Season. But, before we head into the Summer, lets talk about the Spring’s adventures, misadventures, and… over abundance of cute? 

  • Big Order slapped its viewers in the face while shouting, “Order! Big Disappointment!”
  • The Lost Village took strangers to a forgotten village, forced their pasts upon themselves, and resulted in chaos.
  • Bungou Stray Dogs gave us an underdog orphan to root for, albeit through inconsistent pacing.
  • Joker Game took us back to World War II, and gave us a peep into the lives and work of a few spies.
  • Kiznaiver showed us strangers connect with each other through various trials.
  • Kagewani continued the thrilling story of Sousuke Banba as he chases after monsters of unknown origin.
  • Space Patrol Luluco gave us the craziness of Gurren Laggan in short, 8 minute bursts – simply a fun window into insanity.
  • Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto brought us the treasure that is Sakamoto, and all the cool that comes with him.
  • Anne-Happy drowned us in cute and refused to apologize for it.
  • High School Fleet took that cute and dressed it up in warships, tactics, and friendship.
  • Re:Zero has given us a fun premise and an unbearably happy-go-lucky, stupid main character.

And the rest, I didn’t get around to watching due to lack of interest, lack of time, or lack of availability (on CrunchyRoll.) Although, I do have the likes of My Hero Academia in queue, so you might see a review of that pop up in the future. With these Eleven shows, what do we have to show for the 2016 Spring Season? Two words: Disappointment and Fun.

The Disappointments

The likes of Big Order, The Lost Village, Kiznaiver, and High School Fleet all disappointed me in one way or another. Big Order dropped the ball entirely and has left a stain in my memory. The Lost Village simply ended up being full of flat, forgettable characters, and lacked the amount of suspense I hoped to get from it. Kiznaiver, while not necessarily disappointing to me, was over hyped and disappointed many others. On the other hand, High School Fleet specifically disappointed me due to my misguided expectations.

This is not to say these shows are sad just because they’re disappointing. Rather, they simply fell short of their potential. Except for Big Order. Big Order was bad. Although, thanks to this mental stain it gave me, I might go ahead and say I liked it. It was an interesting ride, and in the end still managed to entertain me. It was hilarious. It probably didn’t mean to be, but… No. What am I saying? Big Order was bad. Avoid it like the plague. As for the others, I liked them all. The Lost Village had its mysterious vibe going for it. Kiznaiver had fun character interactions. High School Fleet was… cute and nonsensical in its own special way… and it had warships.

Fun Times

Space-Patrol Luluco, Haven’t You Heard? I’m SakamotoBungou Stray Dogs, Kiznaiver, and Kagewani were the shows I looked forward to watching each week. It’s no surprise that I had fun this season with the likes of Luluco and Sakamoto in the mix. The two of them exist to make you laugh, and if your sense of humor is compatible, laugh you will. On the other hand, Bungou Stray Dogs rather decently balanced some comedic moments with a more serious side. The pacing is another story entirely. Kagewani I didn’t get the chance to watch week by week. Instead, I marathoned both the first and second seasons in one sitting. It was one of those shows that pulled me in and wouldn’t let me go until it was over. Kagewani definitely left an impression with its uniqueness and what it accomplishes in its short 8 minute episodes; undoubtedly my favorite of the season. Like any show, these have their flaws, and won’t be for everyone for one reason or another.


Anne-Happy is not my kind of show. I’ll admit, it had its charming innocence. But, for myself, I can’t say I really got anything out of watching it. I had to force myself to finish it even. It was entertaining while I watched it, but its content was nothing I wanted, nor will I remember. To those of you who loved it, I’m glad you do. Feel free to send me links to the Timothy Rap song and make me regret saying I didn’t care for the show.

Gold Timothy


All in all, Spring 2016 was a quaint season. For me, it was half and half – not particularly bad, or good. And that’s fine. Having everything be amazing would end up being a chore, and… well, so would have everything being bad. They’d just be… very different chores. It was a balanced season, and balance is never a bad thing. With that, we wrap up the Spring Season, and move on into Summer… which has already started… and I haven’t checked out what’s in store for Summer yet… Guess I’d better get to it then, right?

Oh yeah… Subaru… You’re a thing. Don’t worry, I’ll address you later this week. A short mention of Re:Zero in this post would NOT have done justice to all these… feelings I have for you.


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