FigView: Lily Nedoroid

Look what’s back! FigView is back. Back again… but will it stay? Let’s hope so. I didn’t spend over 9000…

So, there’s actually some new stuff that’s coming in this month. But, they’re not here yet. So, you’ll see them in the near future. Those sentences were redundant, yes. But hey, now I can tell you about how I lost my virginity this month. My Nendoroid virginity, that is.

It all began that one summer day. It was ridiculously hot. So, I thought to myself, “I need to cool down, but where can I go to cool down?” Then it hit me. Rivers are usually nice and cool, so what better way to cool down than to jump into the the Amazon river? So, that’s precisely what I did. I swam around here and there, thinking about life, Vocaloids, and a certain upcoming concert. When I had enough of cooling down, I jumped out with a lighter wallet, and a delirious look upon my face. After a while, Lily came down from the heavens with a very disappointed look on her face which screamed, “You finally did it. You broke your last rule, moron.”


With a face like that, how could I resist? The likes of the upcoming Taihou Nendoroid had already softened me up – so much so that I preordered her. But, when randomly looking at figures of one of my favorite Vocaloids, I found her Nendoroid with that facial expression; and that was it. My anti-Nendoriod self died. Right then, and there. From the ashes of my demise was born the new and not-at-all improved me. A me who is more susceptible to throwing money at Nendoroids. Woe is me.


So, this is Lily’s normal face, and mandatory pose.


This is her other face.


And this is Best Face.


From the back.

Nendoroid Lily is a nice addition to my collection. Surprisingly enough though, the quality isn’t what I’m used to from GSC as there are a few noticeable paint mishaps present on her clothes. It’s not a big deal though, as being a Nendoroid, shes’ puny and her head makes up for half her mass. I have to say I love her translucent hair, as they allow you to see her eyes brows past her bangs, and it generally just looks cool. She doesn’t come with to many accessories, just what’s pictured here. But that’s fine because I guarantee you she’ll be standing around with that look on her face.

So that’s about it. Nothing more to see here folks. She’s a Nendoroid. You see one, and you’ve seen them all. Not true, but you get the gist. So, that’s my first Nendoroid. I’m glad to have shared this first experience with you. Now if you listen closely for it, you just might hear GSC laughing over how their hook has caught yet another fish. I think I’ll be fine, though. Just… fine…


Betcha think you’re hot stuff just because you’re 1/7 scale.

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