Seasons (Late) Start: Summer 2016

Summer Season 2016

WHOA. WHOA. WHOA. That wasn’t an anime, but it sure was entertaining! What am I talking about? I’m talking about Thunderbolt Fantasy, and its martial arts puppetry. Anyway, with that mention out of the way let’s get on to this seasons shows, or at the very least what I’ve seen so far. 

  • Firstly we have Orange, the anime about a high school girl who receives letters from her future self, in an attempt to change the past. 4 episodes in, and it’s hitting some nice emotional notes for me.
  • 91 Days is a crime, mafia, revenge, story set during Prohibition in America (which lasted from 1922 to 1930.) So far 91 Days is hitting all the right notes for it’s kind of story. The atmosphere it has is something akin to what I had originally expected from Bungou Stray Dogs.
  • Amanchuu isn’t the next Free! and that’s ok. It’s charming, admittedly a bit slow, and probably going to do exactly what I expect it to. Which is, to tell a story of 2 girls who befriend and change each other over the course of the school year though diving. It’s not really my cup of tea but I’m not forcing myself to watch it either so that’s a plus.
  • This Art Club has a Problem has no problem with making fun of unrequited love. AND THAT’S FINE WITH ME. I’ve only watched the first episode so far, and found it amusing. It’s about a girl who has a crush on a boy. Too bad the boy is only interested in 2D girls, which to the girls dismay is all he draws in art club.
  • Taboo Tattoo is going to be this seasons Big Order, just not as bad. As far as I’m concerned the art feels similar, and it’s about people using super powers to fight each other because reasons. This ones setting is basically a power struggle between America and a fictional Kingdom which just so happens to occur in Japan.
  • Alderamin of the Sky takes us to the sky and… ok no it doesn’t. At least not yet anyway. Alderamin iswell, it’s an entertaining story during war time, revolving around a lazy guy, and his friends. Don’t care for the art style to much, but I’m enjoying the content.
  • Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV is giving us short episodes revolving around the main cast of Final Fantasy XV. Basically we’re getting short stories showing us the relationships between the characters, as we approach the games release. Episode 2 in particular was pretty great.
  • NEW GAME! is probably a cute girl anime, and I’ve only watched 1 episode so far. There’s potential for a good story happening here, but… I don’t see that happening.
  • Ange Vierge seemed like it could be interesting based off the first few minutes, but then they thought it’d be fun to give us copious amounts of fan service. Should’ve seen that coming just with shows poster. But yes. Fan service. They spent two thirds of the episode naked in a bath setting with steam and light beam censors . Fantastic stuff, that. DROPPED.
  • Finally we have Bananya, which is about a cat inside a banana. Or something. There’s a narrator. It’s the short-anime for the season I guess. I didn’t care. Also dropped.

So that’s what I’ve seen so far from the Summer Season. I have a number of other shows on my queue that I have yet to watch. But for the most part I’ll probaly be following the shows here through to the end (besides the last 2) and writing reviews of them when they end. If there’s anything you recommend from this season (that isn’t a second, third fourth, etc season), please let me know and I’ll add it to the queue.

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