Sennight’s Symphony: 暁ノ糸 (Thread of Dawn)

This is a “new” thing I’ll be doing on Wednesdays because reasons. I say “new” because I did this sort of thing on an old blog some years ago. This also gives me an excuse to ramble a bit without any specific topic in mind before I share the song itself… As I am doing now. I suppose I’ll use this as a general update post as well… Guess I’ll call it he Weekly Song-date because that’s totally something I’d do. Better than the boring title of “Song of the Week” which is what its previous incarnation was called.

Anyway I’ve gone on for to long so here’s the song 暁ノ糸 (Akatsuki no Ito) by 和楽器 (Wagakki Band.)

Now, of course it’s a song by Wagakki Band, I saw them live a little over a week ago. They totally played this song, much to my pleasure, and it was amazing. I love the build up and chant-like structure of the song. Add to it the lyrics which paint a nice vivid imagery and sentiment, and we’ve got a fantastic song.

To the uninformed, Wagakki Band is a Japananese band which fuses traditional Japanese instruments (Wagakki) with Western Rock. Instruments used are as follows: Shakuhachi, Koto, Shamisen, Wadaiko, Guitar, Bass, and Drums.

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