FigView: Black Rock Shooter (GAME ver.)

So, I guess Black Rock Shooter is back. With wings. She generally looks all around better than the original BRS Figma. Her hair isn’t trying to simulate Hatsune Miku, it’s spikier, and just plain looks cooler. That’s what we’re aiming here for when we think BRS. We think Cool, and that’s what we got, whereas with the original we got a derp that kinda looked cool, so… Yeah. That’s just it though, she runs around with a sword and cannon that’s as big ,if not bigger than her, with no problem. Now you’re telling me she has wings and can fly? Sold. Funny thing about that is those wings are there for show in the game. Still looks cool though.


So there she is, Stella (as her name is in the game) in her entirety, measuring at about 6 inches. Just as most Figmas do. BRS comes with 6 pairs of hands, her Black Blade, Rock Cannon, 2 hair pieces, and 2 face plates. The faces being, the neutral expression seen above, and a shouting/in battle face. This time her Rock Cannon is a bit smaller, but to make up for this it also has a bayonet on it. So that’s a thing.

The fact she has wings, really just encourages these kind of aerial poses. Specially since the wings themselves are quite maneuverable, you can really use them to show the flow of action. Speaking of which, the wings are rather brittle so handle with care. The same can be said with the ends of her hair. That said, I have dropped her a few times with no complications.


Where, the original BRS has stitches on her torso, Stella has… bar codes? Why? Well in the game, she’s a “weapon,” so I guess that explains that. Stella is the only BRS of the three to not have her jacket closed at the top, which leaves room to show that she has a dog tag around her neck, along with the usual choker. Hey eyes here, are not your usual BRS styled eyes, with the rings going around her iris, but are a bit more “realistic” although clearly referencing the ring motif.

Stella is a huge improvement from the original. Her overall design is both aesthetically, and functionally better. Ok, sure aesthetic might be preferential, but Stellas torso joint doesn’t snap in two with the slightest provocation. Stellas pose-ability isn’t any different from the original, both are quite flexible, though Stella might get more leeway due to the wings freeing up space. The hood on the jacket unfortunately still serves as a barrier to putting her arms straight up. This is understandable though as this is more a fault of the character design. If you’re looking to buy a Black Rock Shooter Figma, I’d have to say this is the one to go for, as it is the most dynamic of the three.* That’s all for now, so here’s a few more pictures. Catch you next time.

* I count IBRS and BRS BEAST separately due to having a greater difference in character design.





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