Loot Anime: July 2016

So, I’ve been getting Loot Anime boxes for… four months now? Four or five, something like that. I’ve always thought about doing some kind of un-boxing post, but I never got around to it. This time around though; this time it’s different. This time they had listed “Arpeggio of Blue Steel” with their theme “Squadron.”  So, I had to cover the unboxing, just in case there was something AMAZING from Arpeggio. Granted, I doubt there will be, and I’m holding out for an Arpeggio shirt. If not that, then give me the manga. I can live with that. So, let’s get on with it.


Welp there’s the shirt. Doesn’t look like it’s from Arpeggio. Realistic Hope 1 has been dashed. Still, holding out for Realistic Hope 2. But let’s take a look at the shirt.


Ok, so it’s grey all around, besides the front where this logo is located. Not sure what it’s from, but it looks cool. Wow, I’m blind. It says GATE right there on the bottom right. I’m a bit conflicted on the shirt. The design is cool, but… the anime was… the only reason I continued watching GATE was because Rory amused me. The rest of the show? Not so much. Sorry GATE fans. So sorry. What’s next?

A dish cloth. Just what I wanted. An oddly shaped dish cloth. Haven’t seen Anti-Magic Academy, so no other comments here. Ok, no, it isn’t a dish cloth. But, I did think that for a split second when I first saw it. Apparently, it’s a scarf. Mari Nikaido’s scarf to be exact. Cool for anyone who wants to cosplay as that character, I guess. My only question is… why am I getting a Scarf in the middle of Summer? I guess this one’s for the southern hemisphere.


A GUNDAM? A GUNDAM! THERE’S A GUNDAM IN THIS BOX. OH MY GOD, A GUNDAM! YES! GUNDAM! Some assembly is required, you’ll see more of this guy in the future.

Back to GATE with a multi-tool carabiner. Please note that it is not for climbing, but rather for your bottle opening, hextooling, and (5 ft) paracording needs. Probably the most useful thing I’ve gotten from them, and I’ll probably actually carry this around as I already keep my keys on a carabiner. Having some utility on it wouldn’t be half bad. Good job, Loot Anime. I appreciate this.



Finally we have the Arpeggio item, being the Manga. Realistic Hope 2, you paid off. But wait… this is volume 1… and they have Takao and Hyuga in the front? Takao… and Hyuga? HYUGA????? WHY IS HYUGA ON THE FRONT? WHERE IS IONA? WHAT? WHY? I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS. I’M SO DONE WITH YOU LOOT ANIME. DONE.

By the way, here’s this months “Squadron” charm. Dog tags, because of course, dog tags. Welp with that done, guess I’d better get to my favorite part… The poster? No, not that. I don’t care for the posters as I’m not the biggest fan of the art style. Sorry, Artist(s?) of these posters. But no, my favorite part is taking the empty box apart, and putting it back together inside out.



Yay, I have a top secret military box now. Hmm… I wonder why it’s top secret though… Maybe there’s something else inside?

BASED LOOT ANIME, YOU GAVE US A 1/7 SCALE KONGOU (Arpeggio of Blue Steel) FIGURE? Definitely worth it. 10/10 best Loot Anime yet. Do more like this and I’ll never unsubscribe.
Kongou not actually included.

2 thoughts on “Loot Anime: July 2016

  1. Gasp where did you get that Kongou figure? I have a figure of Kongou from Kancolle, I would love to add another one to my Kongou collection. (I have 4 Kongou class ships in World of Warships, being 2xKongou(one historical one ARP), 1x ARP Haruna, 1x ARP Kirishima)


    • I pre-ordered her from Tokyo Otaku Mode on December 11 2015. Sadly she is no longer available there. She is also sold out on the other site I use, being AmiAmi. But there does seem to be 1 more available on Amazon, Playmoya, and SolarisJapan selling for around $130 (at the time of posting) which is about $20 more than what I paid for her, not including shipping. You’ll have to search “Kongou Arpeggio” or something of the like to find her easily, as the KanColle version unsurprisingly dominates the “Kongou” search. I hope this was helpful, and good luck~


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