FigView: White Rock Shooter

Following up on last weeks FigView is White Rock Shooter the antagonist of Black Rock Shooter: The Game which came out for PSP back in 2011. White Rock Shooter was obtainable by purchase of the Games Premium Box, which included the game, the soundtrack, an art book, and of course the Figma. The last of those being the only one we care about here… for now.


So her name in the game was Sing Love but… umm, I’m just gonna refer to her as WRS because… reasons. Look, even for a pop-star that name is way to cheesy OK? WRS comes with 3 face plates, 2 hair pieces, 5 pairs of hands, 2 hoods, her White Scythe, and White Wings. While WRS is one of my favorite Figmas, she does not look fantastic with her standard face plate and hairpiece (as seen above). But, stick on the flaming eye hair piece? You’re golden.



You may or may not have just witnessed some transformation sequence. While WRS may look great, she sacrifices some articulation doing so. The cuffs on her boots, do not allow you to bend them any further than a 90 degree angle, and both hood pieces do not allow her to raise her arm higher than shoulder level, especially the second bulkier one. At the very least though, her wings are articulated, joints being at each blade, so that’s a plus.

Unlike BRS, her twin tails are of even length, and are not brittle at the ends; albeit still pointy. You’ll also notice that WRS’s flame comes forth from her right eye, instead of her left. This is also the worst eye flame in terms of BRS figures, as it is not as detailed or transparent as the rest. This is just me nit picking though, as it looks fine. Really. As you probably guessed, WRS is on the weight side when equipped with wings and scythe, so mid air poses can be a bit tricky, particularly if the Figma stand is on the looser side.

All in All White Rock Shooter looks fantastic aesthetically, but falls short in articulation due to character design. When it comes to the Black Rock Shooter series, White Rock Shooter is a definite stand out, as well… she’s the only one that is in white, rather than black. I believe WRS would be a fantastic addition to any collection if not for her price tag. With that said, she was totally worth it for me, and I have no regrets. Except for that one time I snapped off a wing joint like a moron, and had to superglue it back on.



IMG_0634 (3)

IMG_0641 (2)

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