Ren Dictions: Spice & Wolf Vol. 1-1

Spice & Wolf Vol1 Ch1

As a matter of course in life, times change.  With those changes, come exciting new opportunities!  Thus, the time and motivation arrive to create a (literally) long winded endeavor. Enter the Ren Dictions series.  Brought to you one chapter at a time, enjoy (poor) voice acting and (even worse) recording skills. Treat yourself to the wonderful tale of a lonely traveling merchant, the gem he picks up off the side of the road, and the economic plots which entangle and ensnare them on their journey to the North.

Let us read together, Spice & Wolf Volume 1: Prologue, and Chapter 1.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Some Important Notes:

  • Please, support the official releases!
  • There were a lot of recording issues in Chapter 1. You will hear them.  The process was  worked out towards the end, but to fix everything requires re-recording the entire chapter. Perhaps one day. But for now, sorry.
  • Yes, I say Horo, not Holo.
  • Seriously, I’m not a professional or even an amateur.  Constructive criticism and/or suggestions for better recording quality is greatly appreciated, but outright flaming will be removed.
  • You may notice me say something slightly different from the printed text. While reading, I discovered that some passages, while fine in writing, are awkward to speak or hear. The differences are my efforts to ease the listening experience.

2 thoughts on “Ren Dictions: Spice & Wolf Vol. 1-1

  1. Everything was quite good. The subtle voice/accent changes really helped with keeping up with who was speaking. Sound was good and your pronunciation was great as I don’t think you stumbled on any words.

    The only thing I’d like to criticize is the pronunciation of “Horo”. I’m sure many of the avid Spice and Wolf fans would appreciate the small change if you could say “Holo” (“Hoe-Low” or even “Hollow”). This is a personal preference thing, as well as a cultural translation thing, but I do believe it’s more widely accepted to be “Holo”. You do you, but I’m sure the small things will take you miles above the rest one day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your feedback. I understand the clamor for me to say Holo instead of Horo. I seriously gave the matter thought prior to recording. In fact, I was extremely close to saying Holo.

      I decided to stick with Horo because that is what I say whenever I casually speak of her in my own home. I started these recordings for my newborn son to grow up enjoying. I want to use a name he will continue to recognize until he can read for himself.

      Then I can point at everyone pronouncing Voldemort with a hard T and laugh because it was originally intended to be a silent T (Vol de more), but Rowling couldn’t be bothered to correct everyone.


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