FigView: Cordelia


Straight from Fire Emblem: Awakening, we have Cordelia, the Knight Paragon with a 1/7 scale statue. Undoubtedly securing this scale figure for (and of) herself when she placed 4th on the Japanese character popularity poll. I say this as the characters who placed above her also received figures of their own besides the customizable My-Unit character. With that said, let’s spin her around, and see how this Prodigy Pegasus Knight Extraordinaire holds up to expectations. 

Well as you can see, she holds up fantastically. Wonderfully even. Of course she does, she’s a prodigy at everything. Except running, but that’s beside the point. You don’t need to run when you’re a Pegasus Knight, you swoop down from the skies and spear everything you see. Speaking of which, where’s the Pegasus? There is no Pegasus. What we get instead is this wing statue to represent that factor of her character, as actually putting in a Pegasus would make this figure a lot bigger, and pricier, unless of course you scaled it smaller. But quite frankly if we’re getting a Cordelia figure, I want Cordelia to be the focus, not some winged horse.

I’m doing a FigView of Cordelia, and the first thing I talk about is the decor. Seriously. Speaking of decor… You may have noticed that Cordelia is not wearing her breastplate, this has led to some sort of small controversy over the fact, as in the game, and in most artwork, she’s always depicted wearing it. Some people might be bothered by this, while other might find it a refreshing take on the character… I’m of the latter party. After all, with out the breastplate we get her… true form. The name of the game here is compensation.

There’s her breastplate, that I mentioned earlier, like the rest of her armor, it does have some shine to it, although it isn’t anything notably reflective. Her breastplate, it along with the rest of her armor, looks great with the right lighting, as you’ll see soon enough.

Now, with all the decor out of the way, besides the spear, we can move on to Knuckles the Echidna… Oh wait, right, that’s just Cordelia from a bird’s eye view. Plus Knuckles’ spines aren’t that long, or that many. Silly me. Her hair honestly isn’t as detailed as other figures I have, but it’s good enough, and the detailing she has elsewhere more than makes up for it.

Naturally, after a bird’s eye view, we have a picture of her boot. The left one specifically. Although, looking at it now, up close… would you really say that’s a boot? For the most part it is. But when it gets to her foot, it simply wraps under her sole, and holds up what I’ll go ahead and call armored sandals. If not for the “boot,” the “sandals” would fall or require a lot of balancing with ones toes. The only explanation for this design that I can think of, is that it’s for Pegasus Knights, and that it has to do with how you ride them. That aside, the details at the cuffs are fantastic, what with the seams, and folds under the belt. Also, garter belts.

Right arm, zettai ryouiki, dress, fashion belt, green light, stuff. I said it before, but I’ll say it again. I really like her armor pieces. They’re smoother, a bit reflective, and pretty well detailed. Her dress is well done, although it’s design feels a bit off when compared to her art, but that is possibly due to the lack of her breastplate simply throwing me off. Not to mention a few minor QC issues.


Besides Cordelia wanting YOU for the shepherds, I have nothing to say about these, that I haven’t said already. Smooth, pretty, reflective.

Welp, that’s Cordelia. I don’t really know what to add. Any nitpicks I have would be some minor QC issues, and… her left eye. What’s wrong with her left eye? Nothing really, just don’t look at her face head on. Due to the direction she’s looking in, her left eye ends up looking really off. That’s all. Everything else is fine, or perfect, and I’m most likely very biased. I’m sure this has been more of a gush, than anything else. I’m not surprised, after all Cordelia is one of my favorite characters in Fire Emblem: Awakening. So, with that I’ll bring this to a close, hope you enjoyed the pictures, and the video. See you next time.


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