Ren Dictions: Spice & Wolf Vol. 1-2


Bolstered by the praise for Chapter 1, Chapter 2 swiftly soars onto the listening field!  Twosie is literally half the length of every other chapter in the novel, though.  ‘Twould be lovely if every chapter could arrive on such a short schedule, but time will make fools of the best of schedules. Make no mistake, though. Every effort shall be made to stay the course!

Let us read together, Spice & Wolf Volume 1: Chapter 2.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Some Important Notes:

  • Please, support the official releases!
  • You may notice me say something slightly different from the printed text. While reading, I discovered that some passages, while fine in writing, are awkward to speak or hear. The differences are my efforts to ease the listening experience.

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