To Sub or to Dub? That is the Question…

Whether ’tis nobler in the eyes to suffer
the slings and arrows of consistent text,
Or to take ears against the original content
and by opposing hear English. To dub, To sub…
That is the question.

Ruining Shakespeare aside, when it comes to Anime, there’s always been a divide between people who watch the subs, and the people who watch the dubs. Now when I say divide, I mean there’s this huge uncrossable gap that’s been fueled by hate and blood through many years of war. This war has gone on for so long in fact, that the original reason for fighting, has been lost to the ages, other than the remnant words “sub” and “dub.”

Now that you know the state of affairs in our domain, I can proceed to educate you on the proper way to watch anime. In fact, not just anime, any foreign visual media! The proper way to do so… Is to watch the SUBS. That’s right you dub-scum, I’m about to go on a cherry picking bias adventure to show you why Dubs are just completely the worst things ever. So if you want to argue to me that Full Metal Alchemist, or Dragon Ball Z had good dubs, then be warned, I’m pretending the dubbed versions of those shows do not exist. In fact I’ll go so far as to show only 2 examples of clips to make my case and point, because that’s how far my bias glasses are willing to go.

First off we have Steins;Gate. That’s right that beloved sc-fi anime show with time travel. There’s a scene where Okabe and Suzuha go around looking for a button. When he comes across a black man he speaks in Jive to him. This comes off as racist. So I guess Okabe is racist in the dubbed version… and this brings down my rating for the show from 10/10 to 1/10. I can’t believe they completely ruined his character in the dubbed version. He’s not even the same character anymore. Might as well call him Hououin Kyouma or something ridiculous like that. I would know he’s not the same anymore, I read the visual novel before I watched the anime. Does that relate to my point in any way? No, no it does not, but my status is clearly elevated as a Steins; Gate fan. Duh.

Oh, you’re saying he’s still coming off as racist in the original, pure, clean, and perfect Japanese version? WELL, that’s where you’re wrong buddy. Japanese people in Japan, generally assume you don’t speak Japanese if you look like a foreigner. Basically if you don’t look Asian, you don’t speak Japanese, and they’re probaly right on that one. So you see, Okabe is just your normal Japanese guy. PLUS the vendors Japanese is clearly a bit choppy, so he wasn’t to far off the block with his assumption. We see more of this evidenced in the visual novel.

Moving on, we have the absolute PINNACLE of English dubbing in anime…

I have no words for this debacle. Other than it’s clearly the perfect example to sum English dubs as a whole. I mean they took Saint Seiya, and ABSOLUTELY RUINED IT. This beautiful classic about golden haired pretty boys, in beautiful armor that go around saving the world, and galaxy, and universe with supernatural powers AND FRIENDSHIP has been completey dismantled by English dubs. (Disclaimer: I have never watched Saint Seiya, nor do I know the first thing about it.) This is an unforgivable crime against Anime. All of you who prefer dubs like to pretend this is a forgivable crime, or worse… You pretend it doesn’t exist. How dare you cry out to me with the names Edward Elric, and Goku, when they’ve destroyed Saint Seiya. HOW DARE YOU.

So now that I’ve showed you the error of you ways, I hope you can redeem your self and abandon all dubs. As for you sub-ers out there, stay strong for the sake for the long road ahead. LONG LIVE THE SUBS, DOWN WITH THE DUBS.

This has been a work of Satire.

8 thoughts on “To Sub or to Dub? That is the Question…

  1. Acknowledging that this article is satire, I’m still going to respond somewhat seriously. I’ve noticed that while the translation and voice actors play a major role in the quality of the dub, I typically base my judgement off the setting of the show. Settings that feel like they should be English or European in nature seem odd when spoken in Japanese. Your acclaimed Full Metal Alchemist is a fantastic example of my point. Despite the occasional Japanese flair, such as Al dancing in the background with hand fans picturing the flag, the show is decidedly Western in nature. Regardless of any translation faults, it feels awkward to watch it in Japanese. I believe the same holds true for Trigun and other shows of this nature. Now, slice of life, going to school plots should never be dubbed. I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to throw something at the TV because some tard wants to say “chan” in English. I’m looking at YOU, Chigusa from Shakugan no Shana.

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  2. Haha, that Hyoga clip is exactly how I wanted to start my day off. Satire aside, I think there’s something to be said for viewing media in way it was originally created to be seen. Never mind the multitude of reasons why I enjoy subs. Thanks for the humorous read.

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  3. I don’t have a preference when it comes to subs or dubs. It all depends on how I catch the first episodes.
    The have been times where I started and anime dubbed and finished it watch subs.

    Back in the days good dubs were almost none existent. For quality, going subs was the best case scenario. I think the american companies have gotten better with keeping the original essence when do dubs. But I’ve still seen some really bad ones.

    But it’s definitely, all preference.

    Nice job

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  4. I personally prefer watching anime in original Japanese, with or without subs, just because I’m trying to improve my Japanese language skills. However, I really don’t see anything wrong with dubs. I’ve watched English dubs, Tagalog (Filipino) dubs, and Mandarin dubs. Funimation dubs are quite impressive, to be honest. And most of the Tagalog dubs I’ve seen were quite on-point. Besides, not everyone has the patience to read subs while hearing another language. I’ve met a lot of people like this, that’s why they like watching anime in their preferred language. As long as a viewer is able to enjoy the anime and understand the story, the language doesn’t matter. This is my opinion. However, I’m against overkill censorship. . . .yes, I’m talking about you 4Kids. They butchered Pokemon and ONE PIECE. Those were disasters. Anyway, thanks for participating at my blog carnival and submitting this post. Cheers!

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