Taboo Tattoo: Episode 8

logoSo… I don’t usually do this, but this particular episode forced my hand. How so? Well episode 8 of Taboo Tattoo is just on a whole new level of special. This defenitly contains spoilers. So what happened? 

First we pick up on that fight between Blood and Cal, which brings about the coolest corniest thing you’ll ever see. Blood gets his arm cut off, but he catches it in mid air, and then reattaches it to himself thanks to his advanced healing capabilities. With that he responds to Cal saying something along the lines of “you can’t cut me.” Yes Blood, she can’t cut you atall, as evidenced by the arm you just reattached because it was CUT off. Ok, I get what you mean but still… Interesting choice of words aside, when the whole “arm reattachment sequence” occurred I thought to myself “was that… kind of cool? Or was it just retarded?” It falls near the category of “so bad, it’s good” but if it actually manages to cross that line is beyond me.


So while that fight is going on, the US tattoo team continues to get destroyed. Turns out, it was all a set up to lure Blood. Why? Fake Rin Tohsaka wants him because he also possesses a triggerless “void maker” tattoo. So if she consumes him and Seigi she… makes her own trigerless “void maker” tattoo stronger? I guess so. Don’t really care though. You know who else doesn’t care? Fake Rin Tohsaka. You see, Seigi ends up consuming BB before she get’s the chance to stop him, or do it herself, and after that she just leaves. She simply leaves, letting Seigi and Izzy go free. Way to go. When you eventually lose, you’ll look back at this moment, and think to yourself “why did I do that?”

Oh, but she doesn’t let Touko go free. That’s right before she takers her leave, Touko shows up, and having no sense of awareness runs towards Seigi only to die. That’s right everyone, they killed off a main character. I didn’t think this show had the guts to do that, but they did, and it was fantastic. No more useless “only here to be groped” character. This show is totally saved now. not. This death was done horribly, as I din’t feel a thing when it happened, and because Fake Rin Tohsaka then attempts to tell us how the rest of this show is going to go. She’s probably right, except for the last bit where my heart will be touched. Yeah… Don’t see that happening, there might be laughter though.

So that was this weeks episode of Taboo Tattoo. They killed off BB who we were introduced to in Episode 6, and quickly became the coolest character in the show. He was basically Emiya Kiritsugu from Fate/Zero, but with super powers and a no kill policy. He was even labeled as a Hero of Justice, and set an example for the protagonist, and… oh. Oh. Rest in peace BB, we hardly knew ye.

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