FigView: Racing Miku 2013


I’ll just come out with it from the get go. This was an impulse buy. Saw it, bought it. Was it worth it? Totally. I have to say, never thought the first Miku figure I’d buy would be a racing one. Ah well, such is life. Without further ado, here’s the 1/8 scale Racing Miku 2013 figure.

Now that you’ve seen her in full, time for the details.




Here’s a look at her feet, and where she connects to the base. She’s wearing black thigh highs with metallic adornments at the opening, knees and ankles. You’ll notice that the heels on her slippers end in heated coloration as if to represent an exhaust pipe. A small, but very nice detail.



Here are her gloves, matching the thigh highs perfectly. In contrast “Good Smile Racing” is on her right arm, as opposed to her left leg and does not feature the burning smiley face logo. This works well as it balances out the asymmetry. The palms of the gloves are unsuprisingly the same green as her hair, tie, and the base. Interestingly enough, there are metallic fingernails on her fingertips. While a bit strange, it works nicely here as these gloves are skin tight.


Those of you familiar with Vocaloid may have noticed the “01” begin absent from her left arm. Rest assured, it’s here on her back.


Her hair gets a bit translucent at the ends, but not to much. I always enjoy that sort of thing when it comes to hair on figures.




You may have notice the pattern that was present on the heels of her slippers are present on the tips of her crown and the collar of her shirt. It was great there, and it’s great here and brings the theme full circle. Her tie also features the Good Smile Racing logo. Adorable face is adorable, and portrays Miku perfectly. With that said, I’ll bring this to a close with a “light show.”



One thought on “FigView: Racing Miku 2013

  1. From what I remember of looking at Miku figures, the yearly “racing” figure always looks the best. That said, they’re also always pricey. I’d love to own a certain racing Miku figure, but for the life of me I can’t remember it’s release year. I guess I’ll be looking that up later. Nice figure you have there!

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