FigView: Kongou


From the Fleet of Fog, we have Kongou herself. Being my favorite character from Arpeggio of Blue Steel, there was no way I wouldn’t be getting her 1/8 scale figure. Admittedly it’s a simple figure, but it captures that air of English elegance she has quite nicely. She is of English origin after all. Let’s get a better look now, shall we?

At first glance, you’ll notice that she does not have a base. Instead her dress, acts as the base and holds her up, floating in the air. She comes exactly as is, with nothing to attach, or assemble. In a way that’s ironic as this figure in particular started off as a Garage Kit, before a Aoshima (figure manufacturer) picked it up, and mass produced it. (Correct me if I am wrong.) For those uninformed, a Garage Kit is a figure that is sold unpainted, and in parts for the buyer to assemble and paint themselves.





She’s wearing black tights, along with high heels. You can see the some folds on the tights at her ankles and on the bend of her leg. Her shoes are shiny as dress shoes often are.


Here’s the end of her dress which acts as the base. It’s weightier than it looks, which makes sense as it needs to hold her up. Honestly, it’s nothing fantastic to look at, nor is it anything bad either. It simply is what it is, and it does it’s job fine.




Her hand is passable. The nails do have that slight shine to them to differentiate them from skin, which is nice. Also to note is that her hand doesn’t really rest on her lap, but rather floats just above. Not to big of a deal, as it’s easily missed when you’re not looking for it.



Here’s the back of her head, and the ribbon on her dress.




Finally, here’s her face. Those red eyes, light blue lip stick, and blonde pigtails recreated as she appeared in the anime… maybe even improved upon. Basically her face is perfect. I love the detail on her bangs. Out of the figures I have, she has the best detailing on her bangs. Unfortunately, that level of detail on her hair stays solely there on her bangs. The rest of her hair is about what you’d expect. With that all said, I’ll end this with the usual extra pictures with me playing with lighting.







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