FigView: Chariot


Now with all the new stuff out of the way… Back to Black Rock Shooter figures! Wooo! Starting off the figmas based off the Anime series, we have Chariot, the last and newest figma of the bunch who was released back in December 2014. 

While Chariot generally has uninhibited articulation, her legs do suffer a bit from design. How do they suffer? Well they don’t bend all that much. Her “feet” on the other hand, have a pretty good range of motion, and yes they totally do spin. Her hands being large, and skeletal also have a lower range or articulation than normal. She does have wrist joints though, so it’s not as bad as Black Gold Saws (OVA ver) hands. Chariot having long haired character also means that turning her head left and right isn’t her strongest suite. So… Besides those three things she has “generally uninhibited articulation.”


Chariot comes with 3 face plates, 4 pairs of hands, a sword, a shield, and 3 macarons. Pictured above you’ll see Rensouhou-chan (KanColle) getting Macarons dropped on his face for god knows why. You’ll also note that despite having wheels for feet that do indeed spin, Chariot is totally capable of balancing on her own. Renshohou-chan on the other hand clearly has issues.



Here we have her sword. While I’m not a sword expert, looking at it reminds me of the Xiphos. Granted the hilt is much longer here, but that’s beside the point. The Xiphos is a sword that the ancient Greeks used, and generally when you think ancient Greeks and warfare, you think Sparta. When you think Sparta, the general image you get are soldiers equipped with large shields. Huge shields that if you over exaggerated their hugeness you might get something like… this.




I’m not saying Chariot is a Spartan or anything, but I wouldn’t doubt if the basis for her weapons were inspired by such. Also, her name is Chariot, and she was riding a chariot of sorts, for the majority of her fight with Black Rock Shooter in the anime. Chariots are defenitly something that are linked to ancient warfare, albeit I don’t believe they were used by the Spartans as by then they were outdated. I could be wrong though.


Besides getting me side tracked, Chariot has a pretty nice character design. I really like the wheel feet, and the sword and shield motif. Her dress is made of a soft plastic, so it doesn’t get in the way of articulation. Her crown can come come off, and in fact needs to come off if you’re going to change her face plate. Her shield is way to heavy for her to lift, and as such she comes with 2 figma stands, one for herself, and the other for the shield. Chariot is a unique figma, and a good Spartan to add to your collection. So be sure to pose her with the Leonidas figma and send me pictures of that amusing pairing. Wait… I should buy him myself just for that cape. Wallet… Wallet? Wallet stop. Wallet nooooooooooooooo. Whhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyy?????


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