FigView: Dead Master


This week we have the anime version of Dead Master. Her dress is longer, hands are bigger, she now wears a veil, as well as glasses. Not to mention the fact that the slight green in her hair has been removed, and replaced by a vibrant greens which has been applied to her horns, wings, fingers, and scythe. This is the new Dead Master.


Released back in May 2015, Dead Master comes with 4 pairs of hands, 3 face plates, and 2 chains, which each measure to be about 6 inches in length. Dead Master can balance on her own, but it takes quite some effort to get her to do so, mainly because of her skirt. Her skirts, which also inhibits the movements of her legs a bit. Besides her legs being slightly inhibited, she has fine articulation.


Honestly I didn’t care much for this new design, when I first saw it. But over time it grew on me, and you know what? She’s just fine like this. Except for those glasses. I hate those glasses. They’re an absolute pain to put on her face, as it require sticking the sides in between her face and her hair, in a specific area. As figmas are around 6 inches tall, you can imagine just how small that spot can be. The best part is you’ll have to go through that pain every time you wish to change her face plate.


As you can expect, Dead Master comes with her Dead Scythe. It’s a bit bigger, and sleeker than before. The handle itself feels a bit more fragile, so handle it with care.



As you can see, you can display her without her veil. This is accomplished by removing her horns, which is something the original Dead Master figma does not allow you to do. Without breaking it anyway.



All in all, Dead Master is a pretty nice figma, with a slight Gothic look about her. She may not be as great as  her original simpler design, but she’s still fantastic. Plus she looks rather elegant with the closed eyes face plate, and what isn’t there to like about Elegance?


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