FigView: Black Gold Saw


This time around we have the anime version of Black Gold Saw, released back in April 2013, about 2 years since the original. Black Gold Saw’s redesign saw the changing of the color of her sword from gold to Bronze. Ironic, as now the “gold” in her name is simply in name only. As with the other redesigns, Gold Black Saw’s color gets amped up from subtle to very apparent. 


That’s not the only thing that was amped up with Black Gold saw though. Black Gold Saw now stands taller, with longer horns, and longer hair among other things. Her sword, the King Saw remains about the same size, although differing in design. It still remains a slightly bothersome weight, but she can support it in poses. Due to its new design, to get Black Gold Saw to wield the King Saw, the hilt comes off allowing you to put it in her grasp. Then you simply re-attach the blade.


Black Gold Saw comes with 3 face plates, 4 pairs of hands, an extra sword holding right hand, and of course her King Saw. That extra hand is angled, so that when she’s holding the King Saw it points out, as if to run parallel to her arm, rather than perpendicular. The pairs of hands are normal, outstretched, fists, and sword wielding. While her expressions are neutral, um…psychotic, and a scowling glance to the left. The last of which being my favorite.


While I think for the most part this version is an upgrade from the first, the original had leg joints that were the color of her armor, with the knee spike working in such a way as to stay over her knee. This one… well due to character design, does not do that. Her legs aren’t entirely over in the back, so the join had to be skin color. This is fine for the back, but when you bend her leg, that skin color breaks through the red armor, and ends up being a bit annoying. The spike doesn’t even move down to cover it either.


Nitpicking aside, due to the design of her shoes she can not balance on her own AT ALL. Oh, wait that was more nitpicking. Moving on, since she has no skirt, and hair that generally stays nicely behind her, Black Gold Saw enjoys fantastic articulation… her hands, being huge and skeletal, are another story. Overall though, I really do enjoy this Black Gold Saw. After all, when it comes down to it… She looks fantastic doing a right-handed Gatotsu.


I don’t know what it is about her King Saw, it just screams “Pose me in a Gatotsu pose!”


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