Re:Zero – Review


It’s over. It’s finally over. Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- has come to a close with a total of 25 episodes under its belt. So how was it? It was by far the worst part of my week, and the most disgusting excuse for an Anime I have ever watched. 0/10 do not recommend, do not watch. Ever. Just kidding. Re:Zero is actually the best harem anime I’ve seen in ages. Kidding, again… kinda.

Re:Zero is about a strapping young lad named Subaru. One day he get’s pulled from the real world and into a fantasy world, and from there he has to adapt to survive. By adapt, I mean fail a lot before succeeding. But such is life, right? Thing is, he dies before he succeeds. Usually for most of us, when we die we don’t come back for a second, third, or fourth chance. Subaru, on the other hand does. It was this gimmick that hooked me onto the show in the first place. Protagonist dies? He goes back to a “save point” and gets to try again. It’s interesting to watch how he goes about getting past obstacles, but at the same time it spoils the destination.

I have very mixed opinions on Re:zero. While it looks and sounds nice on all fronts. The story is pretty coherent, and consistent. Not perfect, but definitely not bad for what is more or less, a time traveling story. So this leaves us with the characters. I found most of them interesting, and appreciated that quite a number of them weren’t really one note characters. They go through their own growth, and thanks to Subaru’s death gimmick, we get to see different sides to some of them. Then of course, there’s the protagonist… Subaru.


Subaru is a moron. He is both the show’s strength and biggest flaw. In the first 3 episodes, he was alright with a bit of dumb, but after that his character goes down a slope of intolerable, unrelatable stupidity. Watching him be him, week by week was horrible. Sometimes, I found myself shouting at the screen, watching as he essentially wasted episodes learning next to nothing from past mistakes. He very quickly became a protagonist I wanted to see fail. This isn’t to say he doesn’t have his moments, but they are few and far between. If anything, my dislike of him stems from an incompatible pattern of thought between myself and him. That, and he’s stupid even when given emotional, situational allowance. To give him and the show credit though, I came back full circle on the last 3 episodes with a generally (more-or-less) positive opinion of him. Shout out to episode 23 for that.

I’d say more, but when it come’s to Re:Zero, all I want to talk about is how much I hate Subaru, and plot points that delve into spoiler territory. So with that said, if you enjoy the journey more than the destination then go ahead and give Re:Zero a try. Otherwise, you might find yourself irritated by how predictable Re:Zero can be. Granted, even then it might still be worth a try. Thinking about it now, I might have enjoyed and tolerated Subaru more if I hadn’t had to wait a week between each episode.


4 thoughts on “Re:Zero – Review

  1. Subaru is the reason why I dropped this show both times I tried to watch it. I still haven’t actually made it beyond episode 2 and I think that’s where it will stay forever because I cannot stand him and I just don’t care what happens to him. Thanks for sharing.

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    • It was totally his “I’m the protaganist” attitude, coupled with him saying things like “shouldn’t you be saying (generic tsundere phrase)” that got to you wasn’t it?

      Sad part is, it only gets worse vefore it get’s better. So if you didn’t like him in that first arc, then you defenitly spared yourself some hair pulling. Thanks for the commenting, and reasssurance that I’m not the only one who can’t stand him. Haha

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  2. I agree with this article. I like Re:Zero for its beautiful artwork and stunning scenes, but I can’t stand some of its characters, and Subaru is one of them, who is obviously the main protagonist. He’s a degenerate loser who gets worse and worse in every episode he has starred in most of the time. I know that he’s an important character that makes the anime worth watching, thanks to his ‘Return by Death’ ability, but his behavior is disruptive that annoys me by the time I’ve been watching the anime. I wish that Re:Zero could have a much better protagonist and not this creepy character that almost made me drop the show. Thanks for this amazing review!

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