FigView: Strength


I’ve been dreading this one. That is to say dreading taking pictures of her. While Strength is great and all, the anime version of her figma… is well… Ok. Look. Her Ogre Arms got a size increase, from her original design. What that means is that when translated to figure form, it’s a pain to pose, although very satisfying to see. This version of Strength came out on March of 2014, and I believe was the second to last Black Rock Shooter figma to be released. 


There she is, with her normal arms. Speaking of normal arms, Strength has 3 pairs of hands. Open palms, fists, and holding hands. I appreciate the fact they give us those “holding” hands as she herself doesn’t come with anything to hold. So only 3 pairs of hands this time around eh? Well technically it’s four. Four because Ogre Arms.


She hasn’t changed much from her original iteration. Her socks are white instead of black, her tail is bigger, and her outfit is more akin to a dress rather than a jacket. She comes with 3 face plates, a neutral emotionless face, a sideways looking smirking face, and a psychotic yelling one. I love the latter two equally, but the first one is good as well for the, stoic look.


Here are those new and improved Ogre Arms of hers. New and improved only on aesthetic. When it comes to figures, these are a massive downgrade in accessibility, and ease of use. They each are made up of 4 parts. That hands, the part that connects the hands to the arm, the metal part of the arm, and then the skin part of the arm. While having this many parts for them, does give you many options for posing, it also means you’re going to have a tough time keeping it all together. Seriously, the 3 “metal” parts of her Ogre Arms, simply do not like staying together. At all. Pose one arm, then when you go to pose the other one, you’ll end up ruining the other arm, and so on so forth. It is a major pain, and is entirely due to loose joints, and the fact that the connecting bits are, at least in my opinion, too shallow.


If you haven’t guessed it, those Ogre Arms, weigh more than strength herself, and because of such this figma comes packaged with 2 additional figma stands to help keep them up for posing. To make using them easier we even have 2 different locations to attach the stands to on her Ogre Arms. The best part about these Ogre Arms though is their level of articulation. While her original rendition only allowed you to bend her fingers, and move the thumb a bit, we can now bend her fingers better, and move them apart, or closer together. Basically what that means is you have to make her do a peace sign, and take a picture of that.


I was to lazy and tired at the time I took these pictures, so I didn’t bother… but she comes with alternate finger parts for all 8 fingers, which turn the ends of her fingers into how they look like when they were guns. Yes that’s right not only are these arms, huge and great for smashing things, but they can also shoot things like a machine gun. While I’ve never bothered using these optional finger ends, I  do appreciate the fact we get them.


Also of note, and pictured we get an alternate arm piece which allows you to connect 2 Ogre Arms onto one arm. Now why would you want to do this? Well in the anime, when Strength goes “insane” she acquires another 2 Ogre Arms, turning her into a 4 armed monstrosity of destruction. Seriously, when it came to fight scenes in Black Rock Shooter, Strength v Insane Black Rock Shooter was undoubtedly my favorite. So I’m glad they gave us this piece. Thing is… we only get one of these pieces, and 2 Ogre Arms… so… If I want to give her 4 arms… I have to buy 2 Strength figmas. I haven’t done it yet, but soon enough, I shall. I promise you that.


So while we wait for “Insane Strength” to show up, I think the Strength figma is A-OK. Then you put on her Ogre Arms, then she becomes a cool looking pain in the ass. Hardly anything gets in the way of her articulation, so her possibility is on the high end of the scale of figma articulation… which I have in my mind. With all that said, Strength is fantastic, would buy again. Because I have to. haha. ha. Good Night now.


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