Taboo Tattoo – Review


If you want something good to watch, then look no further than Ta.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA. Yeah right. If you like watching bad shows, Taboo Tattoo is just for you. If not then, avoid this show, as if your life depended on it. To summarize, Taboo Tattoo follows the story of Seigi, a goody two-shoes type who loves justice, and strives to protect the weak. He get’s unwillingly pulled into something much bigger than him, and of course ends up being the hero we all… get. This also the show responsible for my discovery that I enjoy watching bad shows. They’re just awfully hilarious.

seigiI was pulled into watching this Taboo Tattoo, thanks to a post from Crunchyroll of a fight scene we get on the first episode of the anime. Here I got to see a show that had a high school protagonist that actually had some skill in fighting, that seemed like it’d be your standard good vs evil conflict, without any special powers or anything. The thought of that got me interested. Turn on the first episode, and… Well, while it is your standard good vs evil conflict, and Seigi does know how to fight somewhat, he also gets special powers dumped on him. Oh, fantastic. “What have I gotten myself into?” is what I thought as that first episode moved along. The answer to that, is a whole lot of nothing, sprinkled with unintentional dark humor.


Taboo Tattoo’s Seigi’s true form.

I find it odd that, out of all the show’s that were coming out weekly, this was one of the few that I actually managed to keep up with week by week, whereas other better ones I’d skip a week or two before catching up. It had some kind of pull for me, that kept me coming back for no good reason. The story was all over the place, vague, and nonsensical. Most characters did not behave in any reasonable or believable manner, and the best character of the show is only around for a few episodes in the middle.

This is the Monday Rabbit, or Bluesy Fleusy, or Izzy. Whatever, I like her and needed to put a picture here.

This is the Monday Rabbit, or Bluesy Fleusy, or Izzy. Whatever, I like her and needed to put a picture here.

I’m not sure if Taboo Tattoo was even trying to get me to care for any of the characters, because I sure as heck did not. They didn’t even get me to despise them either. Watching Taboo Tattoo was like watching a sports game, where you couldn’t care less about which team wins. I was not invested at all, and that was even before they started introducing characters just to dispose of them. That’s right, there’s death in Taboo Tattoo, and a lot of it. Did I feel anything when “characters” died? No. Not at all. I laughed actually. It was great. Speaking of great…


BB’s sooo cool. Oh, but not because of this scene. No, this is just comedy gold. It’s amazing, I love it.

In a word Taboo Tattoo… exists. For better or for worse, I don’t know. I enjoyed watching it. It was horrible, and stupid, but I enjoyed it for the most part. I could do without the groping scenes and the love interest, Toukou. But you know what? Sometimes you’ll just have to deal with the bad because they’re there, and they’re not going to go away. Heh. Anyway here’s a line about the art and music. The music was forgettable, and the art was actually pretty consistent, if a bit darker in palette. basically the packaging is a bit better than it’s contents. Don’t watch Taboo Tattoo, unless you like watching horrible horrible anime.


Touko… please go away. Forever.

6 thoughts on “Taboo Tattoo – Review

  1. Heck, I’ll watch it. That guy re-attaching his arm…sold lol. Sometimes you just need to watch a bad one to understand how good your other choices are. If it’s so bad that it’s laughable, double points.

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  2. I couldn’t believe how much I ended up hating this anime given I so rarely hate stories of any sort (good, bad or otherwise). However, this series just made me angrier every single week probably because underneath all of the poor organisation and delivery, there was actually a half decent idea or two that could have made a superb story.
    Thansk for sharing.

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