91 Days – Review


91 Days is a revenge story that takes place in the United States, during the prohibition period which occurred from 1920 to 1933. The story is centered around Angelo and his quest for revenge upon his families killers. If you like stories of revenge, then 91 Days just might be up your alley. “Spoiler alert”, there’s a lot of death in this anime.


Happy Birthday, you lose you family. But hey, at least you get a wish!

91 Days starts off nicely enough. We establish that Angelo has a family and friends, who are celebrating his birthday. Then after the friend leaves, we kill off the family, show Angelo’s escape, and time skip to the future by several years. Motivations? Check. Connections? Check. Enemies? Check. Looks like we’re all set for a good ol’ revenge story, and I do love me some revenge stories. They’re just so full of… revenge, scheming, plotting, and HATE. What does my enjoyment of such things say about me? Well, I don’t care to go into that. Totally sadistic.

My sadism aside, while the plot drew me in with such promises of sweet sweet revenge, 91 Days‘ delivery of it turned out to be a mixed bag. Strike that. The actual delivery of the end results were fantastic, the journey to it on the other hand was a mixed bag of sorts. 91 Days gives us the protagonist, the motive, and the result. What it doesn’t give us is any confirmation that everything that happens. I feel this is a pretty big miss, as a lot of the fun I have fun with in these stories is seeing how the revenge is carried out, and if it all goes according to plan. What we get is… “Oh, look Angelo got lucky!” or “Oh, what a coincidence!” or even “Oh… I guess that… ok?” Point is, things just work out for Angelo with no real explanation beyond how he learned who the culprits responsible for his families deaths are. 91 Days was pretty disappointing in this aspect.


He totally forgot to make a wish didn’t he?

Ok, so it’s a bit lacking in the “awe-factor” when it comes to scheming, how about the overall story? Well there’s a lot of sub-plots that pop up on Angelo’s journey to vengeance. Are they interesting? Yeah, sure. They’re alright. Are they more interesting than the main plot? No, but they serve their purpose. Specifically, they serve as stepping stones for Angelo’s feet. I mean, it’s implied he’s pretty smart, and I believe he is, but at the same time… the way events are portrayed, just seems like he get’s lucky, and thinks quick enough to make it work out. Well, I guess that qualifies as being smart, but I wish I didn’t have to ponder if he had things planned out beforehand or not in the first place.


Angelo, did you think any of this through? No? Huh.

You know, as I continue to write this, the more and more I come to realize jsut how much plot armor Angelo has. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an anime that was so thick with plot armor. Never at anytime did I find myself overly concerned about him, because at the end of the day, he was going to be alright, perfect even. 91 Days in this regard is like a time bomb. You know it’s going to explode, you don’t know exactly when and how, but you’re so worried about it, that you forget to look for the timer on it. I don’t know if that analogy works perfectly, but I’m sticking with it. 91 Days is explosive, and so shall be my analogy.


Totally explosive.

When it comes to characters, Angelo is this sort of blank slate of a character, that is shown to be only motivated by his revenge, and otherwise is an empty husk of a man. Can’t really blame him for that, but how about the rest of the cast? None of them are all that important besides Nero, and to some extent Corteo. While yes this makes sense as the story revolves around them, everybody else seems to disappear in the sea of names 91 Days throws at you, with maybe one or two characters making themselves known due to their… interesting personalities.


Can’t forget Fango, after that one… interesting scene.

Anyway, while the plot of 91 Days sort of just happens, because reasons; the way Angelo goes about it does make sense. That is to say, he gains trust, and befriends his targets. Not only that but  it makes for a great build up to the finale. The ending to 91 days was totally worth it. Now before I start spoiling everything, I’m going to cut myself short, as I feel I’ve already crossed that line. If you like revenge stories, you might like this. It’s all around decent, but it’s no Count of Monte Cristo.


Oh yeah, This is Nero. He’s important.

I have to say, this is the only Anime this season that I didn’t skip the OP because I enjoy he song so much. The song being, Signal by T.K.

4 thoughts on “91 Days – Review

  1. I never really thought to compare 91 Days to Gankutsuou, but that’s a really good point there. The show is really more a revenge story that just happens to involve the mafia than it is actually about the mafia. And I did enjoy it quite a bit but you’re right, as far as pure revenge stories go, 91 Days isn’t a patch on Gankutsuou either visually or in terms of its cast.

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