FigView: Black☆Rock Shooter


This is it. This is the one you should buy if you want to get a figma of Black Rock Shooter’s default design, followed by the game version and then finally original. Now I say default, because there are two more versions of her, but that’s a story for another time. Because this is totally a story I’m telling you.  Moving on, this Black Rock Shooter figma was released way back in the August of 2012, and is the third to last BRS figma I have to write about.



There she is. In a hood. Yup. This version of BRS comes with a hood that she can wear. Which makes sense as we only ever see her wearing it in the anime anyway. Fitting accessory, is fitting. But enough of the hood, lets get her iconic(?) uneven twin tails out.


Black Rock Shooter comes with two face plates, two hairpieces,  the hood, 6 pairs of hands, and of course her black blade, and rock cannon both with new designs. While her design isn’t anything drastically different, it defenitly has seen some changes. Her new design loses the battle scars on her torso, and takes a cue from White Rock Shooter, what with the double sleeves on her jacket. Her face plates consist of a normal face, and a… normal face with slightly slanted eyebrows. Yup… she’s definitely living up to the emotionless girl trope. And of course the two hair pieces consist of a normal hairpiece, and one with her blue eye flame attached to it.


Her Rock Cannon returns, even smaller than what we got in the game’s version. This thing just keeps shrinking and shrinking, if they keep this up, it’ll end up being the size of a hand cannon. Heh.So just because it’s smaller, doesn’t mean it’s small though. It’s still around 2/3 her size, and unlike the other two variations before, this one actually has movable parts…but no more bayonette. Fair trade? Well..


It has three prongs which extends outwards which serve to make it appear larger, and… stronger?  Well, you know how it is, things like this make cannons stronger, and makes bigger booms. Additionally it just looks cool, so that’s a plus. Basically, yeah fair trade.


The ends of her jacket are a smooth and even, unlike the original figma, which had folds on it. Line the original, the jacket and her boots are glossy. Her hair is spiky and brittle at the ends like the games iteration. With that said… that’s another reason why I consider the original figma the worst BRS figma. Her hair was to long, smooth, and thick as if trying to mimic Hatsune Miku. LOOK, SHE ISN’T MIKU, MIKU JUST SUNG THE SONG. SHEESH. Black Rock Shooter’s original art and scale figures have always shown her to have thinner, and spikier hair in nature, so WHY did they… whatever I’m not doing this again. I probaly ranted about that on the my first figview, I don’t remember, but we’ll leave that behind before I LOSE MY MIND. If you want a BRS figma get this version, not the original, srs. This ones torso joint doesn’t snap to a slight breeze.

Black Rock Shooter, as usual has mostly unhindered articulation. Her character design allows for this. This time around though her arms do face some issues with pointing up, due to the thickness of her double sleeves. Another issue with the arms is that when you bring them up you’re likely to move the detachable hood up, and thus trigger some OCD as you can see that it’s detached, like in the picture below. Other than that she’s A-OK, would buy again. Which I did, because I broke my first one like an idiot. Go me.


Yes, she’s doing that one pose from Stiens; Gate, because why not? They were both designed by Huke. So y’know, she’s this silent fighter, and Kurisu is a genius girl, they’re practically the same. Yup… exactly the same… Well this has been all over the place. I’m going to close this out before it get’s out of hand… I’m sorry BRS, I should have done this better, I didn’t mean to almost lose my mind and wander around with my words. Please don’t lose your mind on me. Please? TotallyNot”BuildingUP”ToIBRS.


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