Insane Black★Rock Shooter


The Penultimate Black Rock Shooter figma is here. Insane Black★Rock Shooter is the most expensive of the bunch. By expensive I mean, you can only get her through the Black★Rock Shooter Limited Edition Box Set, with the Blu-Ray version being 28,000 yen (around $270 USD) on its initial release date back in June 2012. That box set includes the Black★Rock Shooter anime in four disks, the OST, an art book, and of course the Insane Black★Rock Shooter figma. But enough with the box set, this post is all about the spectacular Insane Black★Rock Shooter figma, who does a very good job at hiding her joints. 


And there she is.


What? What do you want, Insane Black★Rock Shooter?


Start actually writing beyond the introductory paragraph? Right. Screwing around aside, that’s one of the two face plate she comes with. I’m showing it to you now early, because it’s the inferior one, and I never want to use it again. For a figma that cost me $300* it’s funny how the first thing I do is start off saying something negative. It’s not a bad face plate, it’s just that the other one fits her a lot better. You’ll see, I promise.


See? The narrowed eyes, just make all the difference. That, and the fact it’s basically how her eyes looked for the majority of her appearance in the anime. Besides,Insane Black★Rock Shooter is doing a fist pump because she clearly agrees. This is the face plate you want to super glue on to your figma. Seriously don’t super glue face plates to your figma, you want to keep your options open. So, that’s two face plates, how many hands does she come with? 5 pairs of hands, that’s how many, and here they are.


A neutral hand (left), and outstretched palms (left).


Hands to wield her sword (left), and hands to hold her cannon (right). Granted you can use the hand on the right for the sword as well.


Then finally, closed fists. Also pictured is her handless arm to show that you can remove the armor cuffs on her wrists.


Just like her original counterpart, Insane Black★Rock Shooter comes with a sword. Replacing the Black Blade is the Insane Blade Claw. It’s basically a jagged machete with an exaggerated serrated edge.


By the way I totally made her do the Gatotsu stance. Yeah, that Rurouni Kenshin reference again.


Here’s that pose in full.


So she has her sword, how about…


Oh. That thing is huge. Black★Rock Shooter’s Rock Cannon like her sword has also been replaced and upgraded. It it’s place is the Insane Cannon Lance. The Insane Cannon Lance  comes in 3 parts, the three being, the handle, the cannon, and the lance. The handle being a detachable piece is really nice, as it allows you to get her to hold it a lot easier than it would be otherwise. The Lance fits into the cannon snuggle, and once you’ve attached it you’ll probably forget that it was ever two operate pieces.


The handle without the Insane Cannon Lance.


Now here it is wielded by Insane Black★Rock Shooter in its entirety. Ok, cool she can hold the thing while it’s on the floor but can she pick it up?


Yes. Yes she can with the aid of the secondary figma stand she comes with.


With that said, I feel it necessary to stat that the Insane Cannon Lance does not actually have a place for the stand to go, as pictured. I simply placed it strategically (read as: shoved it between the gap between her hand and the outer parts of the handle) to keep it balanced.


This is the end you don’t want to be at. That aside, from this angle you can clearly see the ports to the sides of the lance, this is where the cannon part remains relevant to the name.


Ok, ok, we’ve seen the Insane Cannon Lance, but what about that chain on it?


The chain attached to her back. That’s all there is to it, really. To summarize, Insane Black★Rock Shooter comes with two face plates, a detachable eye flame instead of two hair pieces, five pairs of hands, the Insane Blade Claw, and the Insane Lance Cannon. Let’s talk details now.


Her glorious face. you’ve probably noticed that her thematic color is purple. so while following suite with the previous Black★Rock Shooter characters, her eyes are of course purple, but as shown in the anime, they also have blue and red in them, which is simply make her eyes look fantastic. I have to say I love Huke’s eyes. You’ll notice that characters in Stein;s Gate also have the same circular pattern going on with their eyes as the Black★Rock Shooter characters, but I’m getting off topic.


Here’s her hat. It matches with her shoulder pad, and is actually part of the hair piece. That jagged spike that points out forward over her left eye is actually where you attach the flame piece. As you can see, her pig tails, as usual, have their own joints so that they can be positioned as you see fit.


She still sports a choker, but unlike Black★Rock Shooter, she’s wearing armor.Fantastically made armor. I really can’t get over how great it looks, considering figmas are about 6 inches in height. With that said, while the armor looks great, getting this close with a camera reveals some imperfections on the more rubbery bits, such as the belt that hangs from her armor on her left side. There’s some white paint bleed going on, and the quality just really stand out against the armor. It’s no big deal though as it is not noticeable when you’re not looking real close. With that said, the belt, fabric hanging from under her armor, and shoulder pad are all flexible. The shoulder pad can be moved up and down, which works great to hide the joint underneath it.


Her midriff lacks stitches of any kind. Just like Black★Rock Shooter, she had those removed in the anime design. She originally had stitches that ran across the entirety of her body as if she had been cut in half and sewn back together…Well that’s a gruesome thought. Torso joint where it virtually always is on a figma, and unlike the original Black★Rock Shooter figma, this one isn’t prone to breaking for the tiniest of reasons.

Her shorts and belt are made of the same material as the belt from the armor, this allows for better, and easier articulation that if it were a hard plastic. Her leg joints, are the most obvious joints, due to the fact that her shorts are dark grey instead of black, which allows it to be seen more clearly. On the plus side, the dark grey doesn’t seem to rub off on the skin.


Here’s her left arm…


…and her right arm. I have to say I really like that her arms are asymmetrical. I generally like asymmetrical designs so, no surprise there. As you already know, the wrist cuffs on her armor can be removed. The armor on her elbows can also probably be removed, if you take her arm apart. With that in mind, those pieces of armor on her elbows do a great job from hiding the joints, from most angles. and even when you can see them, the design of the armor itself makes the joint look natural. Besides the fact it’s shinier than the rest of the armor because of the difference in paint.


Here’s her legs…


…the side of her legs…


…and finally the back of her legs. You may have noticed but my Insane Black★Rock Shooter has a small QC issue on her right leg where the skin color bleeds into the armor. It’s not a huge issue, it’s just there… and largely noticeable thanks to the camera. Nitpicking aside, her leg armor unlike the arms are symmetrical, but like the arm armor, do a good job at hiding the knee join. The only time you’ll ever really see them is when looking at her from behind, as the knee armor works to hide it. The knee armor can be moved up and down like the shoulder pad.


Since I haven’t really shown you, here’s her back.


Her hat, has an opening for her pigtail, and has more of those jagged edges throughout the back. Her shorter pig tail manages to fit in between the grooves of the hats.. jagged edges. Moving on then.


Here we see that the belt from her armor simply hangs on her side, and reattaches on her back, right where the Insane Cannon Lances chain goes. Also you’ll notice that the tattered fabric almost wraps around her, but is torn just before it does. Following the tear down we come to find the hole where you’d attach the figma stand, It’s pretty cool that, they even, to an extent hid that. When the figma stand is attached, the tattered fabric can simply go to the sides of it as it is flexible. Speaking of flexible… On to articulation!


Arms Up.


Arms Out.


Monkey Business? No, that’s just to show you how much you can bend a her arms. The articulation of her arms are basically unhindered in any way. allowing for the full range of movement that figmas enjoy.


Turns out she can’t do the splits. Some figmas can, Insane Black★Rock Shooter cannot. This is due to how the leg joints are designed, and the shorts themselves. or rather the belt on the shorts. This is why I said “basically unhindered.” No splits? No big deal.


Here, I have her limbs going as out as they can. Her right leg, is out stretched, with the foot going out back as much as it can as well. While her left leg is bent as much as possible with her foot going… well the other direction as much as possible. Here her legs are bent a bit past recommended, as going out this far the joint becomes very apparent as it pops out from under her shorts.


Here’s a closer look at her Insane Blade Claw.


I love the worn look that it has, which is something they did with the Original Black★Rock Shooter figmas, but for some reason didn’t do with the anime versions. At least they gave Insane Black★Rock Shooter that treatment, both with her weapons and armor.


Here’s a… uhh… closer? look at her Insane Cannon Lance. At the very least, here it is without Insane Black★Rock Shooter in the shot. Besides her hand that’s still holding it because I’m way to lazy to remove it. Seriously, it can be a bit of a pain to get it on the handle.


From this side, we can see some more obvious “wear and tear” on it. I also pulled the lance section out a tiny bit, so you can see where it’s broken up at.


All in all, Insane Black★Rock Shooter is a high quality figma, that was well worth the $300.* She has fantastic detail, and while joints don’t bother me, them being hidden is still a plus. She has unhindered articulation, and in case you didn’t notice can totally balance on her own. So when it comes down to it, I have no qualms when I say that Insane Black★Rock Shooter is without a doubt the best Black★Rock Shooter figma. If you’re a fan of the series this one is a must.


*$300 being the entire Black★Rock Shooter Limited Edition Box Set.


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