Alderamin on the Sky – Review


When I first saw Alderamin on the Sky on the list of summer anime, I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t crazy for the art style, and based off that alone I was keen on skipping it. Then I read the description on Cruynchyroll which started off saying: “The huge Katvana Empire is at war with the neighboring Kioka republic.” Oh. War. Well, I like war so I guess I’ll give it a shot. Wait, strike that. I like war stories. Yeah, that’s what I meant. War stories. See, if I didn’t correct myself just now Ikta Solork would have jumped out from the poster and slapped me across the face. Well, maybe not. He is a lazy bum after all. 


So who is Ikta Solork? Well, he’s the protagonist of Alderamin on the Sky. Early on we’re shown that he’s smart, lazy and a flirt in that order. In the first episode they really played up his lazy flirtatious ways, which while I see why now, at the time worked against him. I found myself rolling my eyes at him, and beginning to regret giving Alderamin on the Sky a try. This was mainly due to his somewhat “know-it-all” personality, coupled with his flirtatious nature. While yes he is a smart, the way it was sold to us in the first episode came a bit close to snobbishness. Something I defenitly wouldn’t say he is now that I ‘ve watched the whole series, and you’ll come to within the first two episodes.


More interesting meaning he takes off his shirt.

With that said, he shed that light of being a flirtatious bum really fast, and quickly become much more interesting. While my initial impression of him was one of annoyance, my second was of curiosity. It also helps when at the end of the episode the narrator refers to him as the Invincible Lazy General. That in itself hooked me in for the ride, as I definitely wanted to see how that would come to play out.


From Left to Right: Haroma, Torway, Chamille, Yatorishino, Ikta, Matthew

The next episodes come and go, further showcasing Iktas tactical mind. With that said it’s not as if the other characters are completely ignored, they do get some time but for the most part feel like one note characters. Haroma is the somewhat naive kind medic.Torway is the confident (hot) sniper who gains confidence. Matthew is Mr.Inferiority complex who wants to prove himself.  Yatorishino is the highly skilled warrior, who highly values her families honor. Oh, and the Princess Chamille is a princess. The character’s aren’t to strong, but I wouldn’t say that they’re weak either. In terms of character interaction, the relationship between Ikta and Yatorishino is probaly the best you’ll get from Alderamin of the Sky.


Ikta shows the Chamille how to be lazy

Unfortunately I found my interest in Ikta dropping soon after a short school stint, as a familiar feeling settled in. It was the feeling of disinterest which started sinking in after episode 4. It sunk in that Ikta was the kind of protagonist that would win… everything, with hardly a challenge. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy watching the battles play out, as I do enjoy that sort of thing. It was simply the knowledge that Ikta would undoubtedly win which hampered my enjoyment. That’s why when the last few episodes rolled in the show hits it’s best parts with the introduction of a new character. I won’t go into it to much to avoid spoiling anything, but those last episodes almost make me wish Alderamin of the Sky had started off there instead. I say “almost” because that first third of the show do a decent job at setting up the characters, and their relationships with each other.

All in all, Alderamin of the Sky is an enjoyable watch. it’s nothign spectacular, but it isn’t bad either. Heck, even calling it mediocre would be a disservice. Alderamin of the Sky is a good watch, specially if you like watching tactics play out in battle. But be warned, if you end up enjoying it, it will probaly leave you wanting more.


Alderamin on the Sky has very clear undertones of Religion vs Science. I totally didn’t forget to mention that. Totally. Also after looking up Alderamin on the Sky  I found the art on the visual novel and…


Yeah. I’m so mad right now. So mad. Seriously.

2 thoughts on “Alderamin on the Sky – Review

  1. It is kind of hard to explain why Alderamin works. It is a good watch and was one of my favourites last season but it isn’t a spectacular anime. I think it’s just a combination of fairly ordinary elements that work well to give an overall good story. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and how your views changed throughout the series.

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