Black Rock Shooter BEAST


Black Rock Shooter BEAST. A design of Black★Rock Shooter unaffiliated with any form of media besides  the art pieces she was made after. Black Rock Shooter BEAST was originally released on January 2012, as a limited edition add-on to Huke’s first art book, BLK which sold for. The book is hardcover, with 240 pages most of which belonging to the Black★Rock Shooter series, and the other half being Steins;Gate and others. Enough of the art book though, on to the figma~ 


So much for “enough of the book.”  But as you can see the book is a pretty nice size, keeping in mind that figma’s are no more than 6 inches in height.


Now with that out of the way, we can move on. Looks like Black Rock Shooter BEAST was getting a bit impatient. So without further ado…


Black Rock Shooter BEAST comes with two face plates, one with closed eyes…


…and one with open eyes. The emotionless aspect of her character with this design remains consistent. Also pictured are her two hair pieces, one with the eye flame, and one without. Next up are… if you said hands, you;re absolutely correct. Black Rock Shooter BEAST comes with five pairs of hands.


To the left is her outstretched right hand, and to the left is her normal left hand. These two along with fists are the most common types of hands to find on a figma and you can pretty much expect to see them with each figma.


To the left here is her cannon holding hand, and to the right is the aforementioned fist hand.


Then finally, to the left here is her sword wielding hand. The one on the right is the other cannon wielding hand. Why? Because reasons. I totally didn’t miscount how many pairs she had or anything. So with her hands out of the way, all that’s left are her accessories. As you can tell by her hands, and may have assumed from the start, she comes with the usual sword and cannon. This time though they swapped places though. What do I mean by that? Well you’ll see.


Here’s her sword. This time around its double edged  broad sword called the BRSBlade. Who would’ve known?


The sword is a translucent black color, and serves to let you know that this questionable design choice was made. The text reads as if the blade were some sort of computer, but beyond that serves only to quite frankly make the sword an eyesore.



Black Rock Shooter BEAST armed, and ready.


This is the cannon. The hand cannon to be more exact. That’s right, this time around the sword is big, while the “cannon” is small. The guns is called Seven Shot. Don’t know why, but I’m not going to question it. My assumption is that it has a seven round magazine. Who knows?



Black Rock Shooter BEAST locked and loaded.


Black Rock Shooter BEAST’s articulation is generally unhindered. I say generally because due to how thick her leg armor is, along with the presence of those blue flames behind them, her legs do indeed become hindered in certain poses. But for the most part they do not pose much of a problem.


Black Rock Shooter BEAST’s outfit differs quite a bit from the original. She loses the jacket, and gains a tank top, arm warmers, and miniskirt. The arm warmers in a possible nod to Insane Black★Rock Shooter’s armor, has spikes around the elbo Her hand’s unlike the original design is of a skeletal design, much like Dead Master, Black Gold Saw, and Insane Black★Rock Shooter. Unlike Insane Black★Rock Shooter they are noticeably larger.


On her legs she wears thigh high socks, and armor on her lower legs. This too is a departure from the original. The leg armor here is quite a bit thicker than Insane Black★Rock Shooters leg armor. On the backsides of the legs there are blue flames which I’ll address further down.


Here’s her back. Her top dips down more than you’d expect, and is actually a bit strange when you stop to think about it. The symbol on her back is the Black Rock Shooter BEAST… logo? Icon? Symbol? Whatever you want to call it, it’s there. From the back we can also get a better look at those spikes on her elbows, and as you can see when her arms are straightened out they almost appear to be one piece.


Here’s her legs from the back. From here we see the blue flames that I mentioned earlier coming forth from her armor. These actually can be extended outward, but due to being clumsy when I first got her… Well I broke them both off, and they’re both super-glued to the armor, with no possibility of doing that. So as you can imagine, the blue flames can be rather fragile, so handle with care.


Black Rock Shooter BEAST is a great figma, that breathes a fresh breath of air onto Black★Rock Shooter what with the new design. With that said, I’m all out of Black★Rock Shooter figmas. I’ve shared them all now… GROUP PHOTO!


Ok, those were only all the versions Black★Rock Shooter. You got me. For that, here’s that BlackRock Shooter BEAST art from the art book. Enjoy.


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