This Art Club Has a Problem – “Review”


Ahh, the pains of unrequited love. I’m sure most people know that feeling, it really sucks doesn’t it? Well never mind thew pains of experiencing it, because This Art Club Has a Problem takes that pain and turns it into glorious comedy. This Art Club Has a Problem focuses on Usami a second year high school student who happens to have a crush on fellow art club member Uchimaki. Thing is, Uchimaki is only interested in “2D girls,” in fact much to Usami’s dismay the only reason he’s in the art club is so that he can draw the “ultimate waifu.” With this premise set for us, what can we expect? 

Laughter at others expense. That’s what you can expect. That isn’t to say that This Art Club Has a Problem doesn’t only play one tune. It plays several tunes, to good effect, but you won’t soon forget that our hero Usami is heavily infected with lovey-dovey fever. After all, that’s the basis of this show.


This is Usami, and nobody in the Locker.

This Art Club Has a Problem, as you may have guessed takes place in the oh so common high school setting. With that said, the show as most high school anime do, skip the biggest part of high school and focus on the fun bits. The biggest part being the actual schooling, and the fun bits being club activities, after class, before school, after school, and not school. You know what, why is this even in high school? If you’re going to make the setting in a school, at least make it feel like the characters are in a school.

Oh look we’re a High School Anime and we’ve got some fun characters and stuff, and we have ALL KINDS of fun here. Yeah? You have all kinds of fun at school? Yeah, I bet you do since you’re school isn’t a school, but rather a HIP and FUN place to hang out at. To go to this HIP and FUN place, all you have to do is wear a uniform, then you and your friends can chill out for the greater potion of the day. Sitting around in class? What’s that? Studying? None of that here. Homework? Never heard of it. As far as I’m concerned everyone in a high school anime is a delinquent, this includes the “teachers” who let the “students” run wild. “High School” in anime, is all just one huge organized farce to do nothing all day.

I hope someday I can get a job as a “Anime School Teacher,” because it looks like FUN. I imagine all you do is rotate classes and “teach” your “students” nonsense, or take a nap, or do whatever the heck you want. It doesn’t matter, it’s unimportant what goes on in class. Its just TIME SKIPPED ANYWAY. Just vaguely mention the subject you teach, and say “homework” at the end. IT’S ALL GOOD. These kids aren’t here to learn anyway. Just go have fun in your art club, doing whatever it is you crazy kids do.


Watch as the “student” sleeps under the “teachers” supervision.

OK but in all seriousness, none of that really matters. What matters is that High School is a highly relatable setting. Even if you didn’t go to a Japanese High school, it is still relatable. In high school, you have your classes, and clubs. You might have friends, you might have enemies, you gain crushes, and there’s plenty of drama. You might ask for help on homework, borrow someones notes, or just be that guy who doesn’t care about anything. I’m sure anyone who’s gone to High School can relate to a number of those things. Anime set in high school the boring parts, because well, THEY’RE BORING. With that said, none of this means that the high school setting is not generic, because it is.


But hey look, sleepovers at home. Wooooo~

Anyway, This Art Club Has a Problem… Yeah, this was a “review” about an anime. I think. Whatever I’m just rolling with it. At first the episodes come at you in a more western-esque feeling with there being two stories in each, that aren’t entirely linked. But worry not, as This Art Club Has a Problem does have a linear story, it’s just delivered to us in a more episodic fashion. One thing to note though is that throughout the show, there was this not so subtle hinting as what could possibly be a big plot point that builds up, but is ultimately unresolved, ignored, or possibly saved for later. That was a bit of a disappointment, but not a big deal

Usami is our hero who has the hot’s for an otaku, even though she isn’t a fan of anime herself. Uchimaki is the subject of her affections who is only interested in his 2D waifus, but is also a kind person at heart. President is, the president of the Art Club, all he does is sleep, poke fun at Usami, and sometimes be helpful. We never learn his actual name in the show. Collete is a foreign student, and underclassman who… who… well she’s interesting. Kind of blunt… or dumb. The characters in This Art Club Has a Problem are pretty simple, but enjoyable to watch. Funny enough my favorite character ended up being a unimportant side character, in the form of Kaori. She doesn’t appear often, but when she does, it’s great.

Can’t say I know why I decided to watch This Art Club Has a Problem, but I did. Wasn’t expecting much from it. Wasn’t really expecting to like it either, but I ended up doing both. If you like light hearted, feel-good comedy, then you just might enjoy This Art Club Has a Problem. It’s a solidly decent and amusing watch, even if this “review” isn’t. Ha. Self-deprecation.



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