Seasons End: Summer 2016

Summer Season 2016

Well, the Summer Season has ended. Yup. What’s that? It’s been over? And we’re half way into Fall? Huh. Yeah, I’ve missed out on about 6 weeks of the Fall Season so far, but hey I finally finished writing a review for all (most) of the shows I finished watched in Summer, so now I can finally get on with that. But first… Summer overview. So without further ado, let’s get on with it. 

The Good

Alderamin on the Sky took us to a world at war where we followed lazy, but brilliant Ikta from peasant to hesitant upstart war hero. A world of Kingdoms and Empires, Religion and Science, Alderamin on the Sky while a decently average show, marks what could be the start of something fantastic.

91 Days tells us a tale of revenge, set in America’s prohibition period. Alcohol, the mafia, and general unrest abounds. While the plotting of revenge is week, the results are not, which is much thanks to 91 Days’ focus on the two main characters.

Orange takes us back to high school, with the premise of fixing past regrets. It’s revealed early on that’s it’s mainly about one big regret, and the journey Orange takes us on afterwards is worth the watch. Admittedly while the main trio of characters Orange focuses on feel real, two of those are characters not everyone will be able to relate to, which may lower one’s enjoyment of Orange. That aside, Orange is my favorite of the season.

The Bad

Taboo Tatoo is an amazing work of art. By that, I mean it’s awful. It follows Seigi as he is thrust into a world he never asked to be a part of. Surprisingly enough he adapts well to it, as he realizes his new situation allows him to be the hero of justice he always wanted to be. Throw in an antagonist who hates humanity, a bunch of fodder characters, and a ending that tried to be cool, and we get a show that tried being something it wasn’t. Competent. On the plus side we got a scene where a character gets his arm cut off, then catches it in mid air, and instantly reattaches it.

The Other

This Art Club has a Problem followed the struggles of un-requited love in a amusing if not exaggerated way. Episodes were for the most part delivered in an episodic fashion, but ultimately is a linear story. If you’ve ever been infatuated with someone who had no interest in you, then have fun laughing at that pain, because it’s glorious. It’s not overly cute, and it just might go beyond (if only a little) your expectations.

Amanchu! gave us a story of friendship and… diving? Well Diving is featured prominently on the poster art, and opening, it serves as an end goal rather than the thing the show’s about. Amanchu! is a splice of life anime, that unravels slowly as the main character, Teko slowly but surely opens up, and becomes more confident. Not for me, but it isn’t bad.

Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood  was a five episode series which served to promote the upcoming game. It gives us five short stories which showcases each character by giving us a glimpse into their past, and the connection they have with Noct, who is the game’s protagonist. With each episode being only 15 minutes, it’s pretty short but quite enjoyable for what it is. Episode 2 with Prompto in particular was undoubtedly my favorite of the bunch. I’d say it’s worth checking out even if you don’t care for Final Fantasy.

That makes for seven shows watched in their entirety, eight if you count the 2 cour Re:Zero. Then there are the ones I only watched one episode of, for one reason or another. New Game! was a breath of fresh air when it came to setting, but I never went back after the 1st episode, I simply didn’t care enough to go back,  telling myself “I’ll get to it later.” Ange Vierga I surmised was the fan-service show of the season, as the majority of the 1st episode took place in the baths, filled with random light beam censors. Yeah, pass. Then there was Quiladea Code which I checked out mid-season because it seemed to be getting hyped, but once again didn’t care to go back and continue watching it. For me, Summer was quite a mixed bag, but for the shows I enjoyed, I REALLY enjoyed them. Anyway time to go marathon some of this Fall season………..

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