Dream Loot Crate – A Box of Things and Stuff


I read a post recently (read as in 10 minutes ago) by Matthew on his blog Matt-in-the-Hat which informed me of an inspiring movement on sharing your ideal Loot Crate. Loot crate is a subscription mystery box service that caters to many different types of fandoms, based off of monthly themes. I myself have been subscribed to their Loot Anime service for around 6 or 7 months, but recently canceled it due to being unsatisfied as for the most part, nothing really did it for me personally. So with that said here is my dream Loot Crate idea… suggestion… thing. I promise, it’s TOTALLY reasonable.

Loot Crate
Theme – Box of Things and Stuff

1. Es Figure


So I picked up the fighting game BlazBlue: Central Fiction the other day, and Es almost immediately became my main character. So obviously I need a figure of her, even if this may just be short fighter itch scratch, be it 1/7 scale or figma. I’ll take either, I’m not unreasonable. Since no figures of her exist, then just go on ahead and make one, and send her over. Thanks LootCrate.

2a. Excalibur


It’s a magical powerful sword of legend, what else do you need? Oh right, the scabbard which protects you from all harm. Just leave out the Lady of the Lake, and I’m happy. Actually strike that. If it transforms into a small creature, with a white top hat that calls everyone a fool then I don’t want it.

2b. Honjo Musashi

If the Excalibur turns out to be defective, then I’ll gladly accept the Honjo Musashi instead. OK, so nobody knows where it is, and it was last seen in 1946. Big deal, you’re LOOTCRATE you can find it, and send it over, no big deal right? Yeah didn’t think so. An allegedly magical sword that was in the possession of several historical figures? Yeah, defenitly need it.

3. High End Computer


This one’s easy. Just the newest and greatest computer you can put together at the time of delivery… along with free upgrades whenever I want. I need a new computer. Throw in a new DSLR Camera because I need a new on to resume writing FigViews while you’re at it. Wink, wink.

4. The Chaos Emeralds


I’m not a Saiyan, so this is my only chance to going into some sort of Super form without mutilating and modifying my body with machinery, or super soldier serums. This also has the benefit of turning into a source of money if this plan doesn’t pan out.

5. Yamato


Now when I say Yamato I don’t mean a model as pictured above, I mean the actual thing. Also I  want it in one piece, with a full crew and ammunition… and while you’re at it, give it interstellar flight capabilities. Easy enough right?

6. Falcon Cloak

Since LootCrate always comes with a shirt, the Falcon Cloak which allows the wearer to transform into a Falcon and fly must be included as the article of clothing. I don’t care what you have to do to steal it from Freyja from Norse mythology, just get it in this box. Also it had better work, and not come with an angry goddess chasing after it.

So that’s my Dream Crate, it’s pretty reasonable right? I mean there’s absolutely nothing on this list that isn’t easily attained, and not impossible to ship. LootCrate, make it happen and I’m defenitly resubscribing. Thanks~

Now that I finished this list, maybe I can stop procrastinating and get to writing those Winter Season reviews…

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