Occultic; Nine – Review


Occultic;Nine is a supernatural, sci-fi mystery anime by the same people behind Steins;Gate. Besides sharing the same author and sci-fi genre, the two have little in else in common. Now then… 


That’s how the first episode goes. It throws tons of exposition at you at a very fast pace. By the end of it, you’ll be wondering if you watched 1, or 2 episodes, assuming of course that you were even able to keep up with it in the first place. Definitely not the best way to start a series, but… I guess, the ends justify the means? After all I did enjoy the show as a whole. Occultic;Nine slows down to a normal pace around episode 3, and from there on it is rather enjoyable. So with that in mind, should you just skip to episode 3? No, the first two episodes set up the majority of the characters, and gets the story moving. Unfortunately it is an unnecessary evil. Personally it didn’t bug me, but this will defenitly be a turn off for some people.


Occultic;Nine tells it’s story through its various characters, jumping around them and feeding us small bits of information as it goes along, before everything finally comes all together for the finale. It helps that I didn’t out right hate any characters, bu with that said I didn’t necessarily get attached to any of them either. Some were more interesting than others, while others teetered on the edge of pointless. I’d go into it more but I feel as if I can’t without spoiling things, so I’ll leave it be by saying that you’re more likely to watch Occultic;Nine for it’s story rather that it’s characters.

So is the story fantastic or what? Ehh… I wouldn’t say it’s amazing, but it does feel fresh which is nice. It starts with a bunch of talk, then a death and the mystery around it, and from there on works it’s way up into a bigger more convoluted plot, with a few twists here and there. For the most part Occultic;Nine follows it’s own logic, but there are several discrepancies which may be a bother to the more observant.  So if that’s a thing you’re prone to dislike, then you’ve been warned. Most questions that are raised within watching the show are answered, but the ones that are left out are unfortunately some of the bigger questions. This might hint at a season 2, but who knows? The ending seemed conclusive enough that… oh wait, no. The ending felt so abrupt and unsatisfactory that, when it ended I was just left wondering “THAT’S THE END?” So that’s yet ANOTHER thing to be wary of with Occultic;Nine.

So while I enjoyed it myself, Occultic;Nine is not something I would watch again, or reccomend to other. There’s a creepy albino boy in it, and even though I enjoyed the story telling which is reminiscent of Durarara, the show as a whole just delivers a big “eh.” I’ll probaly forget about it in a few months. So yeah, that’s Occultic;Nine. Don’t watch it, Steins;Gate is so much better. When does Steins;Gate 0 come out again?


El Psy Congroo.

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2 thoughts on “Occultic; Nine – Review

  1. I made it to the end of episode 1 of this but that was as much as I could actually take. I did enjoy reading about this anime because some of the events seemed interesting but I just couldn’t get past the delivery in that first episode.

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