Musical Reflection: Majiko – Cloud 7

PrintCloud 7

  1. Prelude
  2. SILK
  3. ノクチルカの夜
  4. 昨夜未明
  5. shinigami
  6. Lucifer



Cloud 7 is Majiko’s debut mini-album released under Pony Canyon, released on February 15, 2017. Now before I get sidetracked, I’m just going to go on ahead and do what I set out to do. 

1. Prelude

This is exactly what you’d expect from a track called prelude that’s placed at the start of the album. It’s a short piece defined by acoustic guitar. It starts off low, giving us a slightly melancholic rain -like sound, before it’s joined temporarily be some vocalization and drums. The track ends as it began, with the guitar fading off into the “distance.” Prelude does it’s job and give us a great feel for the general feel of the album.



SILK starts off with Majiko singing a somewhat haunting melody, in A Capella before what sounds like a xylophone joins the tune. The last line she sings before the bass joins in is “わたしはこわがり” meaning “I am afraid.” From here on she repeats “not yet, not yet…”  as the bass continues on with its groove. When the song progresses from this point, the guitar joins in adding a sense of tension and forward progression. Yet the haunting feel persists, with Majiko’s singing of long notes with a slight echo to them. The song then quiets down a bit, allowing us to hear the xylophone again before picking right back up again, and carrying you to it’s fade-away end.

With SILK, I feel as if I’m walking on a narrow road covered in fog at the dead of night. The road has a slight incline, and I’m walking uphill towards a distant mountain, and off in the distance you can hear the singing of a ghost. SILK  is a slow paced song with a haunted feel to it, and I love it.

3. ノクチルカの夜

All of a sudden, JAZZ. This would have caught me by surprise (especially after SILK) if it hadn’t been for the music video that was uploaded last week. Basically I was spoiled.

Piano. Swing in the cymbals. Saxophone. Yeah, this is defenitly Jazz, right? At the very least it’s inspired by it.  Maybe it’s a generic image, but I picture a ballroom floor, dim but warm lights, and a generally upbeat atmosphere. With that said, this feeling is clearly a big contrast to the music video. The story told is not a happy one, and it is entirely portrayed in black & white. The chords played by the piano on the beat really lend themselves to a fitting melancholic sound.  This is one of those songs for me that while there’s a general sad feeling to it,there is also a lot of warmth to be felt from it. As if being embracd , or comforted by someone you’re close to when your at a low point in life. If that’s what ノクチルカの夜 (Nokuchiruka no Yoru) set out to do, then it suceeds greatly.

4. 昨夜未明

This song starts almost as soon as the last one ends, and it starts rather abruptly at that. Gone is that warm feeling, replaced by it is a sense of disorder. 昨夜未明 (Sakuya Mimei) returns to that haunting feeling we had in SILK, but this time instead of their being a ghost in the distance, you’re trapped in an empty square room with it. A strange sound that makes itself known in the song which sounds like a mix between gargling and static, and what I assume is a distorted guitar playing a repetitive staccato melody through out is what really gives this song it’s feeling. Partner it with the chorus and this song leaves you with a feeling of unease.

5. shinigami

With an apology (literally), shinigami starts us off slowly, as if whispering to us as we lay on a boat that’s traveling down a tranquil river. There’s a light fog, and as the song plays the boat we’re on goes along with it. When Majiko starts singing again, the boat is surrounded by fireflies, and the scenery continues being tranquil. “Good Bye Dreamer” and all of a sudden we’re underwater, but nothing else is different, it’s as if we’re floating on a river that’s underwater, but then she sings “I’m sorry” again, and I find myself falling from the sky at incredible speed, and with a final ring of the symbol, the imagery ends leaving me staring at nothingness as the remaining guitar fades away.

shinigami is a rather calm song with it’s climaxes that feels like a surreal dream.

6. Lucifer

This song starts off with the strumming of the guitar, soon joined by what sounds like wooden wind-chimes accompanying it. The bass joins in as Majiko starts singing, with the drums showing up not far after. This song gives the impression of a story telling around a camp fire, with a touch of eerie provided by the wind-chimes, and a slight distortion of the guitar that occurs before the chorus. While I really enjoyed the guitar, and rhythm of the song, it failed to really evoke an emotion from me. So I don’t have much else to say about it.

Majiko’s CLOUD 7 is about a half hour journey, that if I were to sum up in one word, I’d call it: surreal. While I defenitly enjoyed listening to it, I unfortunately find it hard seeing myself listening to it as a whole often. With that said the likes of SILK, and ノクチルカの夜 will probaly see higher play counts. Now what’s next…

2 thoughts on “Musical Reflection: Majiko – Cloud 7

  1. You know, I just couldn’t believe this is the same Majiko whose album I stumbled upon a few years ago, Contrast.
    lovin’ the new mini album. She sounds way more maturer in terms of vocal and music.

    Liked by 1 person

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