Totally Scripted (3):This One Will Try to Convert You


Totally Scripted (Ep 3): This One Will Try to Convert You

Today Nerd and the Gang contemplate the desires of character hearts, motivation, freedom of expression, and lots of other lies that weren’t actually discussed but are listed because you’re probably not still reading this rambling non-sentence. Analyzing a show without seeming completely dry is hard stuff.  Have a bone, on the house, you Eris scum.

Please bear with us while we try to find our stride and continually over-correct! Continued feedback is still greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Totally Scripted (3):This One Will Try to Convert You

  1. Definitely agree on the ‘band of idiots’ thing!
    Aqua’s supposed to have a below average intelligence, after all.
    I’m also always expecting there to be some kind of new underlying joke whenever the party actually does something well, but they keep resorting to Kazuma’s whole ‘Don’t thank us; we caused the problem in the first place…’ thing, and I feel like it gets old after a while.
    Looking forward to more from you guys!

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    • I know exactly what you mean. It was funny once, but it isn’t funny enough to be a running gag. At least we got to see Aqua nearly kill Wiz again with that massive Turn Undead, though. I remember thinking in the first season that the jokes got old about half way through the season. I hope that isn’t going to be the case for this season. But, if they continue the pattern of 1 gag-joke per half episode, I could see it happening. Thanks for your support!

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