The Who:

Snow★sthetics is the Lead Writer and Founder of Strictly Ridiculous. They use those titles to sound impressive, but really this is simply a new blog trying to find it’s place on the web. On a more personal note, Snow is a 24/7 dreamer who lives in a world of roses and rain. Snow loves to nitpick and pretend they’re good at singing.

Ren Rusyn is a programming dog lover who likes Spice and Wolf, Neptunia, Xenosaga, Rocky, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and pretty much all things Microsoft. He spent four months helping develop the upcoming indie mmorpg, Saga Of Lucimia. Often too whimsical to give a coherent answer.  Who can be bothered with such things? All hail the tail!

The What:

Strictly Ridiculous will house content in relation to video games, and anime/manga. This is not a limit, as you can also expect to see topics around movies, music, and the like. Satire should be expected… so should fangirling, nit-piquing and other things morons like to do.

6 thoughts on “About

      • You are very welcome:and don’t worry, you will find back your inspiration. Keep believing in yourself: you have written a lot of fantastic posts in your blog,so in other words: the talent is there 😀 You will be back soon, and find something to write about again! Most importantly keep having fun when writing, and do so when you feel up to it. Good luck 😊

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